Foo Fighters

Notes on Music:
Pete Townshend

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Monday October 27, 2014

Foo Fighters
Encore Presentation

An argument can easily be made that the Foo Fighters are the best Rock band around right now. Discussions such as this understandably unleash passionate responses and ultimately can never be settled, but the Foo’s have merit on one level after another. They have indisputable sales figures; they now have longevity with their first album having been released over a dozen years ago, they consistently sell out shows wherever they play, and they get invited to the major “event” type of concerts.  But more than anything they make absolutely fantastic music. It’s obvious that all four members in the band took the time to learn to fly long ago and they seem as comfortable in their own skin as anyone gracing a stage. Comfortable, but definitely not complacent, as evidenced by their CD “Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace”. What an album!  For the many times the band has joined us on our show this is the first time the whole band was on together.

Join us for the Foo Fighter’s with their album “Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace” on the next ROCKLINE!


Monday October 29, 2014

Notes on Music
Pete Townshend

Our next ROCKLINE presentation is a rare one indeed. Many consider The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin to be the foundation of what was formerly known as AOR, now referred to simply as Classic Rock. Imagine a show featuring the songwriter of one of these legendary bands explaining and commenting on the greatest songs they ever recorded.  “Notes on Music” with Pete Townshend sheds light on why he feels his song “Won’t Get Fooled Again” may be more appropriate now than ever before. Pete embarks on an extended explanation of “Tommy”, the person who hated it and told Pete as much, and why Rock opera is so important to him. Townshend also explains how the phrase, “They’re all wasted” from “Baba O’Reiley” has been so misinterpreted and how German audiences taught him about his own song “Behind Blue Eyes”. Who says he “Can’t Explain”? He does exactly that and also gives us his take on who “The Real Me” might be.

It’s the real deal. Join us for this “Amazing Journey” with Pete Townshend’s “Notes on Music”, exclusively on the next ROCKLINE! 


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