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After 33 1/2 years of connecting you to the biggest stars in Rock & Roll on Rockline it is time for our our phones to fall silent, our mics to be turned off and our studios to be darkened. It's been one helluva ride to say the least and we thank your for playing your role and cranking up your radio, always remember, Rock till you drop! We will continue to present the greatest programs in our show's history for one final time until we sign off at the end of 2014. The following blurbs were written the first time these shows appeared as Encores and have not been redacted

Monday December 15, 2014

Buckcherry in Concert!
Encore Presentation

Over the past few weeks we’ve mentioned that we’re changing studios and while that won’t affect you much at all as a listener; the one difference will be the distinct sound of the myriad live, electric performances we’ve done there over the past five and a half years. We’ll still present live, plugged-in shows, but our new studio will have a slightly different sound than Valley Sound, where we are now. All studios have their own sound and vibe. Both home bases are excellent for us; it’s akin to choosing which German luxury car you want. Everyone has their favorite and for Buckcherry there’s something about Valley Sound, owner/engineer, Jamie Sutton, the gear and the sound of the room that gets them lit up. They performed live for our Twenty-Fifth Anniversary four and a half years ago, debuted their “Black Butterfly” album with a live performance of seven new songs and upon hearing we were going to be moving on to a new location they wanted to be the last band to plug in, kick ass and be the only artists to ever play there live three times. And you better believe the third time is a charm because the band absolutely killed it in this 55 minute incendiary live set. Learn more about the So Cal based band at, and the other now usual web suspects. You can also hear two advance songs on the Rockline website, “Lit Up” and “It’s A Party”. Truer words were never spoken.

What you hear is their raw live show with no overdubs, no computer tricks, no sweetening in any way. It was a blow the roof off the place, sweaty, profanity laced, nasty, down and dirty Rock & Roll concert by at band at the top of their game. The show that we’ll broadcast on radio is edited for language, but that’s it. The crazy thing about “bad” language in the good ole USA is that most of us talk that way and even though there are some bleeps and a few words reversed via Pro-Tools, we all know what those words are. So why do we have to do this, Mr. FCC? Huh? So, what we’re going to do is make both versions available on our website, the radio version AND the unedited as it happened live performance. It’s impossible to verbalize just how good Josh Todd, Keith Nelson, Stevie D., Jimmy Ashhurst and Xavier Muriel of Buckcherry sounded on this late October afternoon. We’ll let you listen on your own and soak in the whole incredible experience. Listen live on your favorite station and then listen again unedited on our website. Get ready to rock because Buckcherry’s here to take names and kick some tail exclusively, and for the last time at Valley Sound, on the next ROCKLINE!


Monday December 17, 2014

George Harrison
Encore Presentation

February 10, 1988 was the first of two times George Harrison appeared on ROCKLINE. When George passed, as all things must, we immediately made this show available to our affiliate stations in a slightly edited form. More recently, we used excerpts from this historic night for a January 2004 compilation honoring this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees which included George, Jackson Browne, Bob Seger, ZZ Top and Traffic called The Fab Five. The original broadcast in 1988 was a two hour special edition, actually running two hours and seven minutes because George didn’t want to stop! We have chosen what we feel is the best, and most representative, ninety minutes of that show and will air it as our next presentation. Titled “Superstar Encore for the Dark Horse Years”, this show is being rebroadcast in conjunction with the November 2nd release of the DVD “George Harrison’s The Dark Horse Years 1979-1992”.

George joined us that night promoting one of his most successful solo albums ever, “Cloud Nine”, released during the Dark Horse years. We were told George would not perform live under any circumstance, but we had a beautiful Martin guitar standing by anyway. George arrived with Jeff Lynne and, as was often the unfortunate case, was being pursued by a rabid fan. He entered the ROCKLINE studio, was introduced to all in attendance, picked up the guitar and never let it go. The result was song after song pouring out of him, often performed in tandem with Jeff Lynne. Los Angeles newspapers wrote about the event, word of mouth spread, fans were begging for copies of the festivities and the show attained legendary status. At the conclusion of the program, George and Jeff moved to an adjacent room and jammed for over an hour. Oh, to have a tape of that too! Regardless, enjoy this spectacular 90 minute version of one of the Top Five ROCKLINE’S ever. Maybe someday we’ll figure out how to rebroadcast all 127 minutes of that amazing winter night, so long ago. In the meantime, don’t miss this spectacular Superstar Encore with George Harrison on the next ROCKLINE!


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