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You should test the stream BEFORE the show and we suggest finding at least 2 that work for you. Occasionally stations do not stream the show due to extenuating circumstances, so have a back up. Please note that some stations are running on a time delay of up to 3 minutes, so the show may start a few minutes late.

1. The show airs at 8:30pm Pacific Time. If you are outside the United States, or do not know what the time difference is, you can go to the World Clock and it can convert the time for you.
2. From the list below pick a station under Monday or Wednesday, depending on which show you want to listen to. Mondays are Active Rock, Wednesdays are Classic Rock.
3. Click on any of those stations and you will be directed to the stations website.
4. On that page, click "Listen Live!" (usually located in the upper right corner of the website)
5. "Click here to start live stream."
6. Many stations will require that you sign up with them to use their stream. This generally requires supplying an email address and password.
7. Some streams only work in Internet Explorer. If you are using another browser and can't get the stream to work this may be why. **PLEASE NOTE** While we appreciate every single person that listens to our show, we list these streaming stations for the convenience of those people outside of our affiliate areas but we CANNOT guarantee the stability or quality of these broadcasts. If you find a station that does NOT stream the show, please email the webmaster and let them know which station you had a problem with. We will investigate, and if necessary, remove them from the list of stations streaming the show.

Thank you.

Refer to our calendar for the night the artist is on.

Monday Night
Active Rock Stations

Oklahoma City - 100.5 KATT

Abilene - 107.9 KEYJ

Lincoln - 106.3 KIBZ

Detroit - 101.1 WRIF

Champaign - 92.7 WQLZ

Pensacola - 101.5 WTKX

Wednesday Night
Classic Rock Stations

San Francisco - 107.7 KSAN

Portland - 92.3 KGON

Nacogdoches - 107.7 KTBQ

Joplin - 97.9 KXDG

Portland - 102.9 WBLM

Augusta - 105.7 WEKL

W. Palm Beach - 98.7 WKGR

Bangor - 100.3 WKIT

Grand Rapids - 96.9 WLAV

Dayton - 104.7 WTUE