Mon December 3rd, 2001
Soil EP (2001)
Scars (2001)
Ryan McCombs, vocals
Shaun Glass, guitar
Adam Zadel, guitar/vocals
Tim King, bass
Tom Schofield, drums
Rockers determined to cultivate a dangerous mystique have often used images of goats and rams because of the cloven-hooved beasties demonic associations. The Rolling Stones recorded a 1973 album titled Goats Head Soup, and the artwork adorning the Cultís 1994 self-titled album featured the image of a four-horned goat. Soil took a slightly different tack to this time honored approach, giving it a vampiric twist. Its recording debut was titled Chupacabra after the figmentary Puerto Rican goat-sucker. Since the late í60s, reports of mutilated and exsanguinated livestock have circulated throughout South and Central America, though the epicenter of alleged chupacabra activity remains Puerto Rico. Descriptions of the extremely elusive creature range from hairy gorilla-like proportions to reptilian, leading even Loren Coleman (one of the leading cryptozoologists who study animals that may or may not exist) to favor the notion that the neck wounds, mutilations and exsanguinations attributed to the chupacabra are most likely unrelated attacks by feral dogs and/or mentally deranged humans.
This Chicago outfit blends the best of classic rock influences like with a ďnu-metalĒ sensibility. Indeed, Soil has toured with a dizzying diversity of fellow rockers, from the old guard (Ozzy Osbourne) to contemporaries like Disturbed. And the music they make appeals to fans of hardcore as well as prog rock aficionados. Soil first formed in 1997 and recorded an EP (Chupacabra) and an album (Throttle Junkies) for the now-defunct MIA Records. When that label folded, Soil wound up signing with J Records in New York -- an unusual move considering the pop focus of the label, but with distribution through BMG, Soil was able to reach a significantly wider audience. The bandís Rockline debut followed the release of 2001ís Scars.

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