Mon September 24th, 2001
Mon September 12th, 1994
Mon January 27th, 1992
Mon December 10th, 1990
Mon January 22nd, 1990
Standing Room Only (2002)
Replugged Live (2001)
Best Of Tesla-Millennium Collection (2001)
Time's Makin' Changes-Best Of Tesla (1995)
Bust A Nut (1994)
Psychotic Supper (1991)
Jeff Keith (1985-Present), vocals
Frank Hannon (1985-Present), guitar
Tommy Skeoch (1985-Present), guitar
Brian Wheat (1985-Present), bass
Troy Luccketta (1985-Present), drums
Tesla’s namesake was electrical engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla. Born in 1856 in Smiljan Lika, Croatia, Tesla was educated in Austria and Czechoslovakia. In 1884 he came to America to seek support for one of his inventions and worked for Thomas Edison for a year before setting up a laboratory of his own. Among his many inventions: an electro-magnetic motor that would be the basis of most alternating-current machinery; the Tesla coil, a resonant air-core transformer; a device that made possible the wireless transmission of electricity and a device for radio controlled craft. He also anticipated pulsed radar, harnessing solar power and radio communication with other planets. Tesla was an eccentric character whose gruff qualities made it all but impossible for him to work with others, and he was frequently denied the acknowledgment and profits he deserved for his work. In 1912 he refused the Nobel Prize in physics because he claimed that co-recipient Thomas Edison was not a true scientist.
Formed in 1985, during the hey day of hair metal, Tesla was always a notch above the bulk of the spandex crowd. The musicians packed genuine chops and the music was grounded in a grittier, blues based aesthetic. Tesla formed in Sacramento out of the remains of an earlier local outfit called City Kidd. Before long, the group began playing showcases in Los Angeles, the hotbed of hair metal at the time, and was quickly signed by Geffen Records. The band’s debut, Mechanical Resonance hit the streets in 1986, the beginning of a four-album platinum run. Though Tesla never enjoyed the large scale adulation of acts like Def Leppard and Guns N’ Roses, it maintained a secure niche in the hard rock world and had the distinction of being one of the few metal bands that found critical acceptance. In 1990 Tesla released Five Man Acoustical Jam — an “unplugged” effort that was a direct precursor to the MTV series. The album title was a play on Five Man Electrical Band, the ’60s group who recorded “Signs,” which Tesla played during a live acoustic radio performance. A Boston radio station began airing the recording and it became the germ from which the acoustic album grew. The band hit its stride with Psychotic Supper and Bust a Nut which were both powerful and slick. Proof of the value of Tesla’s music is the persistence of its fans.
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