Bob Coburn, Dave Mason and Warren Zevon 
Wed May 1st, 2002
Wed February 16th, 2000
Mon June 1st, 1987
Mon February 8th, 1982
My Ride's Here (2002)
Life'll Kill Ya (2000)
Transverse City (1998)
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (1996)
Mutineer (1995)
Learning To Flinch (1993)
Warren Zevon, vocals/keyboards
Among the companies for whom Warren Zevon composed advertising jingle were Ernest & Julio Gallo vineyards, Chevrolet and “a very well-known ketchup company.”
Warren Zevon
Warren Zevon is one of the more unique singer songwriters to emerge in the wake of the ’60s, and no doubt his unusual background has much to do with his distinctive music. Zevon’s parents were Russian immigrants, and his father was a professional gambler which mean the family moved around frequently, though Zevon spent most of his early years in the Southwest (California/Arizona).

Zevon began writing songs shortly after meeting Igor Stravinsky during his junior high years, and after he turned 16 headed for New York where he hoped to establish himself as a folksinger. When that didn’t work out, he returned to the West Coast and pursued various musical projects including session work, and he recorded with the duo Lyme & Cybelle. He released his solo debut in 1969, and when that failed to take off returned to sessions and composing advertising jingles. In 1976 his recording career finally began to take off with his self-titled major label debut.

The late ’70s and early ’80s were a rough time for Zevon, who was struggling with his alcoholism with the help of therapy and counseling. A favorite with critics, his commercial success was tenuous, and despite favorable reviews of his solid 1982 album The Envoy its failure on the charts was a hard blow. The resilient Zevon returned in 1987 with Sentimental Hygiene on which he was backed by members of R.E.M. A second album from those sessions was issued in 1990 under the name Hindu Love Gods.

Throughout the ’90s and into the new millennium, Zevon continues to write insightful, wry music that appeals to aficionados of singer-songwriters as well as the literary set.
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