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Sammy Hagar (1947-Present), vocals
According to a July 1999 interview from the Winnipeg Sun Hagarís nickname, the Red Rocker, was given to him by a journalist. He told the story to the Sunís John Kendle:

"Some guy called me the Red Rocker in an interview he did with me, because I wore so much red. And that very day a couple of fans asked me to sign autographs for them 'from the Red Rocker' ó and people just seemed to embrace it from there. I never ever really pushed it on people as a marketing thing, it just kept going and developed a life of its own ó just like that first Montrose record.Ē
Sammy Hagar
Though Sammy Hagar achieved his greatest fame during the nine-years he spent fronting Van Halen, Hagar led an unusual and interesting career both before and after Van Halen.

For a short time when he was in his teens, Hagar considered following in his fatherís footsteps and pursuing a career in boxing. But the lure of rockíníroll proved too strong, and by the time he was 19 he had already begun performing with various local bands in the Southern California bar circuit. In 1973 Ronnie Montrose (formerly of Edgar Winter) invited Hagar to front his band, Montrose. Hagar spent three years with Montrose and recorded two albums with the group ó 1974ís Paper Money and 1973ís Montrose ó before going solo in 1976.

The next nine years were successful ones for Hagar, whose live shows made him a solid concert draw and whose albums produced rock radio hits like "Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy" and "Canít Drive 55." But the Van Halen years were tremendous. During Hagarís tenure, the party band recorded four multi-platinum albums and despite grousing by David Lee Roth loyalists, "Van Hagar" maintained the momentum it had built.

Hagarís departure from Van Halen in 1996 was almost as much a media sensation as his joining the group. Rumors flew as well as accusations, and depending on the source Hagar either quit or was fired. In either case, he was on his own for the first time in nearly a decade. But without missing a beat, he recorded and released Marching To Mars the next year.

Complementing his success as a musician, he opened a nightclub, CaboWabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico where he plays an annual birthday bash that has evolved into a kind of small Southwest version of Mardi Gras. He also got in touch with his spirit-ual side and launched CaboWabo Tequila, his own boutique tequila (made by Miravalle) sold and served in CaboWabo Cantina.
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