Mon November 26th, 2001
Mon July 3rd, 2000
Mon May 8th, 2000
Mon September 27th, 1999
Mon November 23rd, 1998
Mon May 4th, 1998
Mon December 8th, 1997
Weathered (2001)
Human Clay (1999)
My Own Prison (1997)
Scott Stapp (1995-Present), vocals
Mark Tremonti (1995-Present), guitar
Brian Marshall (1995-2000), bass
Scott Phillips (1995-Present), drums
Unlike the Episcopal, Presbyterian or Lutheran Church, the Pentecostal Church isnít a distinct denomination of Protestantism. Like the Baptists, Pentecostals believe in a charismatic, fundamentalist interpretation of Christianity. They also believe that all Christians must seek "baptism with the Holy Spirit" -- a spiritual experience characterized by glossolalia or "speaking in tongues."
For a guy who grew up in a Pentecostal Christian household where rock music was strictly forbidden, Scott Stapp certainly wound up in an unlikely profession: fronting one of the hottest rock outfits to emerge in the late í90s.

Though the Florida quartet made its first big splash in 1999 with the mega-hit "Higher," from the bandís second album for Wind-Up Records, the band had been an entity since 1995. After a short stint in the cover band circuit, the guys got serious and knuckled down to write some original material. The first fruit of those labors, the debut album My Own Prison was completed (for a mere $6000) in 1998. It was Soundscanís number one selling hard music album for 1998, sold more than four million copies and yielded four number one rock radio singles. The momentum kept building with 1999ís Human Clay. That album debuted at number one on the Billboard chart, sold over six million copies and lurked in the charts for months, returning to number one when the band launched its 2000 tour.

Of the many tracks that received airplay, the mega-hit "Higher" was most ubiquitous. Once the tour was over, original bassist Brian Marshall left the band. Stapp, Tremonti and Phillips elected to continue as a trio with Brett Hestla filling in on bass for live dates. On November 20, 2001 Creedís third album, Weathered was released and the guys joined BC for a chat about it a week later.
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