Thunder (struck) from down under.   
Wed July 25th, 2001
Mon January 14th, 1991
Mon October 31st, 1983
Stiff Upper Lip (2000)
Bonfire (1997)
Ball Breaker (1995)
Live (1992)
The Razors Edge (1990)
Blow Up Your Video (1988)
Angus Young (1973-Present), Guitar
Malcolm Young (1973-Present), Guitar
Bon Scott (1973-1980), Vocals
Mark Evans (1973-1977), Bass
Cliff Williams (1977-Present), Bass
Brian Johnson (1980-Present), Vocals
Simon Wright (1983-1989), Drums
Chris Slade (1989-1994), Drums
Phillip Rudd (1994-Present), drums
In the action film classic, Mad Max, one of the early chase scenes involves a no-man's-land psycho called the Nightrider and his moll steal a cop car. Over the course of the heated pursuit that follows, he spouts a non-stop stream of manic babble that includes lines from AC/DC's "Rocker."
The Thunder From Down Under actually got its start in the industrial gloom of Glasgow, Scotland where Angus, Malcolm and George Young were born. In 1963 the Young clan relocated to Australia, and it was in a Sydney bar that AC/DC played its first gig in December 1973. The following spring fellow Scottish immigrant Ronald Belford Scott (aka Bonny Scott, soon to become Bon Scott) signed on as frontman and the band set up camp in Melbourne, where Rudd and Evans completed the line up. After signing with Atlantic Records in 1976, the band relocated to the UK where it gigged furiously, and became a regular draw at high profile clubs like the Marquee.

In 1977 AC/DC invaded America with its first US tour and two years later enjoyed its first million-selling album there, Highway To Hell. But just as momentum was really building for the boys, misfortune struck. One night after a drinking binge in London, Scott passed out in a friendís car and while unconscious aspirated on his own vomit. The group made the decision to keep playing and tapped former Geordie singer Brian Johnson to take over vocal duty Ė and he couldnít have hoped for a more auspicious start to his new gig.

The first album Johnson recorded with the band, Back In Black was not only AC/DCís first major commercial success, but went on to become a classic in the rock cannon. Despite personnel shifts in the drum department (Rudd left the band in 1982 and returned in 1994; Simon Wright and Chris Slade served in the interim) AC/DC has consistently, unabashedly remained true to its rockíníroll animus.

Brian Johnson had only been with the band for three years when he and Angus made their first Rockline appearance on Halloween 1983. When the show was rebroadcast in July of 2001, the band (with original drummer Rudd back in the fold) was enjoying the prolonged success of its current release, Stiff Upper Lip.

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