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  Eric  Scott 
Rob  Rob and Scott   
Mon July 30th, 2001
Mon May 1st, 2000
Mon October 18th, 1999
Mon March 30th, 1998
Mon June 27th, 1994
Mon May 31st, 1993
Shangri-La Dee Da (2001)
No. 4 (1999)
Tiny Music… Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop (1996)
Purple (1994)
Core (1992)
Scott Weiland (1987-Present), vocals
Dean DeLeo (1987-Present), guitars
Robert DeLeo (1987-Present), bass
Eric Kretz (1987-Present), drums
STP originally called itself Mighty Joe Young, which is a film title. In 1998 Disney released a remake starring Charlize Theron, but the original Mighty Joe Young rocked theaters nearly fifty years earlier in 1949.
Stone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilots first formed in San Diego in 1987, but the quartet didn’t make its major label debut until five years later. When Core hit the streets in 1992, the “grunge” explosion had hit its peak intensity, and despite heavy critical griping about the band’s distinct sonic likeness to Pearl Jam and controversy ignited by the single “Sex Type Thing” with its lyrical theme of date rape, the album quickly went platinum.

Wielding ironclad hooks, riveting riffage and an incandescent live show, STP went on to become a major force in hard rock during the '90s, influencing nearly as many young artists as the Seattle groups to which it had originally been compared. The rise of STP was an exceptionally remarkable feat considering the chronic drug problems and legal foibles of singer Scott Weiland.

In 1995 Weiland was arrested in Pasadena, CA for possession of cocaine and heroin and since then has zigzagged between stints in rehab, court dates and eventually a year of jail time that put the band out of commission at the end of 1999. For a brief time in 1998, STP disbanded; Weiland recorded a solo album titled 12 Bar Blues while the remaining band members recruited singer Dave Coutts and recorded a self-titled album under the moniker Talk Show. Neither effort made a huge impact, and shortly thereafter STP reformed.

In June 2001 STP released its first album after Weiland’s 1999 sentence.
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