Mon June 3rd, 2002
Letting Go (2002)
Scott Kohler, guitar
Dieter Hartmann, drums
Wil Martin, vocals
Mike Callahan, guitar
Johnny Sprague (1999-Present), bass
Before Earshot's debut album hit the streets, the track "Headstrong" was featured on the soundtrack to the film, Queen of the Damned.
Sticking to the basics of rockınıroll is the order of the day with Earshot. The groupıs debut album, Letting Go is full of tried and true musical values -- solid songs that tackle time-honored emotional ground with intense
playing and a stylistic approach thatıs diverse enough to keep you guessing.

The five members of Earshot hail from both sides of the Atlantic, but a rehearsal space in Los Angeles is where Wil Martin (Kansas), Dieter Hartmann (Austria), Mike Callahan (Ohio), Scott Kohler (France) and Johnny B. Sprague began forging their sound in 1999. It wasnıt long before the band began to build a buzz with its fiery rock and energetic playing.

Once Earshot signed to Warner Bros., the band teamed up with producer David Kahne to record its emotionally charged debut, Letting Go.

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