Mon June 3rd, 2002
Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris (2002)
Ben Einziger, guitar
Jason Boyd, vocals
Jamin Wilcox, bass
Paul Fried, drums
When it comes to rock'n'roll, group dynamics are vital --not just the musical kind, but the interpersonal variety as well. Sometimes tension among band members can work to the benefit of the group, but much of the time it's simply destructive. Before the guys in Audiovent committed themselves to their quest for the brass ring, they wanted to make sure they wouldn't have to pay the price for success with their friendship. The whole band went through several sessions of group therapy to make sure the lines of communication were in working order before they took the plunge.
The guys in Audiovent go back a long way together -- all the way back to Arthur E. Wright Middle School in sunny Calabasas, California, located on the southwest corner of the San Fernando Valley.

Paul Fried, Jason Boyd and Ben Einziger first formed the band, and later when Jamin Wilcox signed on the line-up was complete. (If Boyd and Einziger seem like familiar names, it's because they are younger siblings of Incubus Frontman Brandon Boyd and guitarist Mike Einziger; Fried is the Einzigers' stepbrother.) Influences on the young players ranged from classic funk to fusion jazz, epic rock by luminaries like Led Zeppelin and Queen as well as grittier artists like Nirvana and Metallica. By the time they were upper classmen, they'd begun playing out at small local venues in Canoga Park, with occasional forays into Hollywood.

In 1999 the band, then known as Vent, recorded and produced an indie recording titled Papa's Dojo that sold some 3000 copies. After a couple more years spent refining its playing and writing, Vent became Audiovent and signed with Atlantic Records. By mid 2002 the groupšs debut album, Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris hit the streets.
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