Mon June 24th, 2002
Mon May 14th, 2001
Development (2002)
Statement (2000)
Elias Soriano, vocals
Andrew Goldman, guitar
Robb Rivera, drums
KB , bass
The musical traditions of the Caribbean are rich and diverse. In America, Latin music styles like salsa and merengue are generally lumped together and, since social dancing is limited to formal events like weddings, most Americans can’t appreciate the distinctions between them or the vital connection between music and the dance.

Merengue’s origins lie in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, while salsa, mambo and cha-cha are more closely tied to Cuba and Puerto Rico — and the immigrants who brought the music and the dances to America where it absorbed elements of jazz, pop and rock.
Nonpoint formed in Miami in 1997, and from the beginning its take on hard rock reflects the diversity of the South Florida music scene, combining elements of metal with hip-hop and a distinct Latin twist that puts it in the same aesthetic neck of the woods as Puerto Rican rockers Puya. In fact drummer Robb Rivera relocated from the tiny Caribbean island on a quest to form a band. He soon joined forces with vocalist Elias Soriano.

Growing up, Soriano had been exposed to the usual classic rock repertoire (artists like Led Zeppelin, Boston and Journey) thanks to his parents, but also (being of Puerto Rican descent) the older classic sounds of salsa and merengue that were favorites of his grandparents. Later he became a rave/R&B; enthusiast, but had become disillusioned with the scene by the time he crossed paths with Rivera.

When guitarist Andrew Goldman and bassist KB signed on, the line-up was complete. In 1998 Nonpoint made its recording debut with an indie album titled Struggle (Jugular Records). Two years later it had signed with MCA Records. Statement was a solid major label effort and Nonpoint’s strong showing on the 2001 Ozzfest helped the quartet win new fans as well as positive critical notices.
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