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Geoff Tate (2002)
Geoff Tate
Queensryche had only played one gig under the name “Queensryche” when it was signed by EMI Records in 1983. After an incubation period in cover bands on the Eastside of Seattle, Geoff Tate, Chris DeGarmo, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield joined forces as The Mob in 1982. Kim Harris, Bellevue music retailer/mogul who ran Easy Street Records (which at the time boasted the largest import metal selection in Washington State), suggested the band change its name to Queensreich, after a demo recording the group had made titled Queen of the Reich.” The band liked the idea, but altered the spelling so as to avoid any Nazi implications.
Geoff Tate
Though Queensryche may not sound like it shares much with the grunge bands who popularized the Seattle music scene in the early ’90s, these veteran rockers along with Heart were instrumental in laying the groundwork that made the rise of those younger bands possible. Formed in 1981, Queensryche’s earliest efforts were more or less mainstream metal, thundering, energetic, competent. It wasn’t until the late ’80s that Queensryche really began to realize its potential, pursuing a more progressive rock sound that provided more powerful support for some of the loftier concepts that were playing out lyrically. Operation Mindcrime was a watershed release for the band — a concept album that revolved around the notion of a future in which Big Brother in an omnipresent media presence. This combination of ideas and monumental music would set the tone for the rest of the band’s career.
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