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A flock of Crowes.  Chris Robinson's bandmates suffer from plumage envy. 
Mon March 15th, 1999
Mon June 16th, 1997
Mon September 16th, 1996
Mon January 30th, 1995
Mon July 20th, 1992
Mon March 25th, 1991
Mon September 3rd, 1990
Mon April 9th, 1990
Live (2002)
Sho Nuff (2002)
Lions (2001)
Greatest Hits 1990-1999 A Tribute To... (2000)
Live At The Greek (2000)
By Your Side (1999)
Chris Robinson (1988-Present), vocals
Rich Robinson (1988-Present), guitar
Johnny Colt (1988-Present), bass
Steve Gorman (1988-Present), drums
Eddie Harsch (1994-Present), keyboards
When Chris and Rich Robinson expressed an interest in pursuing music professionally, their parents felt some trepidation. Unlike most parents who worry about their budding rockers, Stan and Nancy Robinson's concerns were a product of personal experience: both had been singers before putting down roots and settling into the nuclear family continuum. Stan's only hit was a 1959 single on Monument Records called "Boom-a-Dip-Dip" (the B-side was "My Heart Beats"). It peaked in the charts at #83.
Black Crowes
An old adage maintains that there's nothing new under the sun. It's certainly true of rock'n'roll, which re-invents itself with every new generation. But few artists have managed to revamp a vintage sound with as much originality and savvy and the Black Crowes, who managed to resurrect the groovy swagger of the Small Faces and bluesy grit of the Stones with a thoroughly modern hard rock edge.

The Black Crowes debut album, Shake Your Money Maker was released in 1990, but the Atlanta, Georgia outfit (founded by Robinson brothers Rich and Chris) had been together for some six years. The first single from Money Maker was "Jealous Again," a respectable introduction to the band that fared well on the charts, but it was the Crowes' sassy cover of Otis Redding's "Hard To Handle" that really ignited the album and helped push it to multi-platinum sales status.

Though none of the group's subsequent albums quite made the same commercial splash as Money Maker, the Crowes built a loyal following thanks to heavy touring and charismatic performances. The band also boasted a rebel streak, outspokenly supporting the legalization of marijuana and criticizing the corporate sponsorship of rock music - a viewpoint that got it kicked off a beer company-sponsored 1993 with ZZ Top in 1993.

In 1999 the Black Crowes joined forces with former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page for a series of live shows in the UK. The next year they brought the collaboration to the US. The tour was a huge success and one of the shows at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles was recorded and released as an online release through

In early 2002 the Black Crowes announced that the band was on hiatus, and singer Chris Robinson disclosed his plans for a solo album.
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