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Mon July 3rd, 1989
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Blues At Sunrise (2000)
SRV - Box Set (3 CD/1 DVD Set) (2000)
In Session- Albert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan (1999)
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Live At Carnegie Hall (1997)
Greatest Hits (1995)
Stevie Ray Vaughan, Guitar / Vocals
Chris Layton, Drums
Tommy Shannon, Bass
Fran Christina, Drums
Stan Harrison, Sax
Jimmie Vaughan, Guitar
Joe Sublett, Sax
Reese Wynans, Keyboards
Porky Cohen, Trombone, Carnegie Hall
Dr. John, Keyboards, Carnegie Hall
Bob Enos, Trumpet, Carnegie Hall
Doug James, Sax, Carnegie Hall
Joe Piccolo, Sax, Carnegie Hall
Angela Strehli, Vocals, Carnegie Hall
George Rains, Drums, Carnegie Hall
Darrell Leonard (1989-Present), Horns
Vaughan's first long-term band was Triple Threat Revue, which he formed in Austin, Texas with singer Lou Ann Barton. Triple Threat lasted three years, then Vaughan and Barton formed Double Trouble - borrowing the name from a tune by the great Chicago West Side bluesman Otis Rush.
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Most of mainstream America first became familiar with Stevie Ray Vaughan as the hired-gun guitarist who infused David Bowieís 1983 Letís Dance album with sultry solos, but by that time the 29-year-old Vaughan was a seasoned pro who had been cultivating his distinct brand of blues rock since the age of 14.

Growing up in Dallas, young Stevie Ray followed in the footsteps of his older brother Jimmie (who would later found the Fabulous Thunderbirds) and began playing guitar when he was seven. In 1972, Vaughan quit school and moved with his band the Blackbirds to Austin, Texas with his band, where the next phase of his career would elapse with a series of bands -- the Nightcrawlers, the Cobras, and finally Triple Threat.

Lou Ann Barton was one of several vocalists who served the band, and she and Vaughan formed Double Trouble after three years in Triple Threat. Eventually Barton went solo, leaving Vaughan, drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy Shannon as Double Trouble. The synergy in the band was exhilarating and Vaughanís supercharged guitar and soulful vocals were as much a reverent homage to eminent blues artists like Buddy Guy and Albert King as they were a rockíníroll revision of that tradition.

The trio earned a reputation as an incandescent live act, and before long Vaughan and company caught the attention of some very influential members of the rock community. The Rolling Stones hired Double Trouble to play a private party in New York in 1982, the same year producer Jerry Wexler pulled strings to have the group added to the bill at the Montreux Jazz Festival despite the fact that it was still unsigned. It was that performance that led to Vaughanís appearance on Bowieís Letís Dance, which in turn led A&R; mogul John Hammond to sign Double Trouble to Epic Records.

The bandís first three albums brought it to an even wider audience and was a key element in igniting a blues revival that never really abated. The mid í80s were rough for Vaughan. In 1986 he collapsed on stage and spent the next two years grappling with cocaine and alcohol addiction. But by 1989, the year he hit the road once again touring with Jeff Beck, he was back in top form. That tour and the album released that year, In Step found him every bit as riveting and popular a player as before. Alas, it was to be a tragically brief come-back.

On August 27th 1990, Vaughan played in East Troy , Wisconsin as part of an all-star guitar jam along side his brother Jimmie, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Jeff Healey and Robert Cray. Leaving the venue, Vaughan was killed in a helicopter crash. Vaughanís two appearances on Rockline happened before and after his recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and, as Bob Coburn notes, itís illuminating to listen to both and hear the difference in his demeanor - though the music was uniformly brilliant. Especially compelling is the unfinished track, "Life Story" he shared on his 1987 appearance.
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