Reaper? We don't fear no stinking Reaper! (Lanier,Bloom,A.Bouchard,J.Bouchard,Roeser) 
Wed October 30th, 2002
Wed July 11th, 2001
Mon September 5th, 1988
Mon March 24th, 1986
Mon November 28th, 1983
Mon November 8th, 1982
Mon April 5th, 1982
Mon July 6th, 1981
Curse of the Hidden Mirror (2001)
Heaven Forbid (1998)
Cult Classic (1994)
Career of Evil: The Metal Years (1990)
Imaginos (1988)
Revolution By Night (1983)
Eric Bloom, vocals/guitar
Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser, Lead guitar
Allen Lanier, Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards
Bobby Rondinelli, drums
Danny Miranda, bass
The Blue Oyster Cult logo is based on the astrological symbol for Saturn, which was the Roman name given to the Greek god Cronos, one of the Titans – the first generation of gods created by mother earth (Gaea) and the sky god (Uranus). To secure his power, Cronos castrated his father and devoured the children he created with his wife Rhea. Eventually Rhea tricked him and saved Zeus by feeding Cronos a stone instead of the infant.
Blue Oyster Cult
At its commercial peak in the late ’70s and early ’80s, Blue Oyster Cult was that rarity of rarities in the rock world: a metal band with critical approval. In fact, rock writer Richard Meltzer (author of the classic The Aesthetics of Rock) was one of the group’s architects along with cult producer Sandy Pearlman, and at one point fronted the fledgling outfit. (Even after he parted ways with his band mates, he would occasionally contribute songs to their repertoire.)

Over the years, the band collaborated with and enjoyed the support of such influential artists as Patti Smith (at one point Lanier’s girlfriend) and Alice Cooper (for whom it served as a regular opening act).

The earliest incarnation of the band, which then called itself Soft White Underbelly, came together at Stony Brook University and included, along with Meltzer and Pearlman Lanier Roeser and Albert Bouchard. It would go through several more mutations (a succession of different singers before Bloom and the addition of Joe Bouchard) – morphing into Oaxaca and the Stalk-Forrest Group – before finally settling into the line up responsible for the timeless rock classics "(Don’t Fear) the Reaper" and "Burnin' For You" – two staples of rock radio programming. BOC made numerous Rockline appearances throughout the ’80s, returning in July of 2001 after the release of its 14th studio album, Curse of the Hidden Mirror.
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