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Eric Burdon
Among the Animals greatest hits was "House of the Rising Sun" -- a song that came to be closely associated with Eric Burdon and company. The track was a cover of an old folk song by Josh White, who is considered one of the artists integral in introducing rural forms of black folk music to mainstream America.
Eric Burdon
The Animals originally evolved out of a British R&B; outfit called the Alan Price Combo that formed in 1958. When lead vocalist Eric Burdon signed on four years later the band changed its name and by 1964 had become international pop stars thanks to the number one single, “House of the Rising

For the next two years personnel changes alternated with hit singles until the last of the original line-up had disolved. Billed as Eric Burdon and the Animals, the legacy continued as Burdon and his new band ventured boldly into psychedelia with three hits: "San Franciscan Nights," "Monterey” and “Sky Pilot."

At the start of the ’70s Burdon revamped his band yet again, changing the name to Eric Burdon and the New Animals, but his most interesting work came after he left the Animals behind. Burdon relocated to Los Angeles, where he hooked up with a funk rock outfit from Long Beach called the Creators. Rechristened as War, Burdon and the band eleased three albums together and enjoyed one major hit, “Spill the Wine” and a minor follow-up “They Can’t Take Away Our Music.”

In 1971 Burdon abruptly left the band -- shortly after the death of Jimi Hendrix who had been a friend and with whom he’d shared manager Chas Chandler, one of the original Animals.

War went on to become an influential force in the funk realm; Burdon has continued recording sporadically, sometimes solo, sometimes with former Animals bandmates. He has also dabbled in acting, both television (appearing in an episode of the critically-acclaimed series China Beach) and film (Oliver Stone’s The Doors, the 1999 Greek film My Brother and I by Antonis Kokkinos and Thorsten Schmidt’s Snow Fall on New Year’s Eve.
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