Mon February 4th, 2002
California Crossing (2001)
King of the Road (2000)
Return To Earth 91-93 (1998)
Action Is Go (1997)
In Search of... (1996)
Daredevil (1995)
Scott Hill, vocals/guitars
Brad Davis, bass/vocals
Bob Balch, lead guitarist
Brant Bjork, drums
In keeping with the mind-melding methodology behind Fu Manchu’s music, the band name is a-swirl with pop culture connections.

Most people hear "Fu Manchu" and immediately think facial hair -- and sure enough, the Fu Manchu is one of the more distinctive moustaches to sit on an upper lip. But this particular variation on a handlebar theme got its name from the nefarious title character of The Mask of Fu Manchu, the 1932 horror classic (directed by Charles Brabin) starring Boris Karloff as a Chinese madman obsessed with uncovering the tomb of Ghengis Khan.

The creepy film was based on the novels of Sax Rohmer (born Arthur Sarsfield Ward in Birmingham, England 1866). Among the many pulpy episodes featuring the sinister Fu Manchu are The Island of Fu Manchu, The Wrath of Fu Manchu, The Eyes of Fu Manchu, The Word of Fu Manchu and The Mind of Fu Manchu.
Fu Manchu
Though Fu Manchu part of the first wave of bands churning out what came to known as “stoner rock” the intense, mesmerizing music the So-Cal quartet generates is really just the latest spin on psychedelia. The band made its debut with a 1990 single called “Kept Between Trees” and spent the early part of the ’90s refining its sound between intermittent single releases.

In 1994 Fu Manchu made its album debut with No One Rides For Free. Two years later it moved from the tiny indie label Bong Load to the semi-major Mammoth, and shortly thereafter the line-up solidified when founding members Scott Hill (vocals/guitars) and Brad Davis (bass/vocals) welcomed lead guitarist Bob Balch and former Kyuss drummer Brant Bjork to the fold.

Throughout the late ’90s Fu Manchu developed a hefty reputation as a heavy duty live band, touring with such fellow road titans as Melvins, Kyuss, White Zombie, Monster Magnet and Clutch.
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