Mon August 19th, 2002
Imitating the Screen EP (2002)
Sinch (2002)
Project: Bluebird EP (2000)
Diatribe (1998)
The Strychnine (1996)
Jamie Stem (1994-Present), vocals/sampler
Tony Lannutti (1994-Present), guitar/synth/drum machine
Mike Abramson (1994-Present), bass
Dan McFarland (1994-Present), drums/percussion
Jay Smith (1994-Present), ocular noise machine
Sinch's line-up features one Jay Smith, who is credited with wielding an "ocular noise machine" or Viditar. The device, which looks something like a mutant hybrid of a lap top computer and synth guitar, enables him to create a dynamic, interactive video backdrop when Sinch plays live.
Sinch had been around for about seven years before it signed a deal with Roadrunner Records, and during that time the five musicians had ample opportunities to build their chops. After making its debut in frontman Jamie Stem's family garage (located in Doylestown, PA, about 25 miles due north of Philadelphia), the band gradually worked its way to bigger and better gigs: bowling alleys, a Veterans of Foreign Wars hall, and finally serious clubs like the Trocadero in Philly and the Chameleon Club in Lancaster.

Between the gigs Sinch also worked on its studio skills and self-released a series of tapes, EPs and albums that helped build an even bigger fan base than was already turning out for shows.

Once it signed with Roadrunner, Sinch decided it was time to give its recording process a new twist. The quintet headed for Nashville where it recorded its self-titled Roadrunner debut in two and a half months with Malcolm Springer (Full Devil Jacket, Spike 1000) at the helm.
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