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Melissa Etheridge (1961-Present), vocals/guitar
The video for Melissa Etheridge's huge hit single, "Come To My Window" featured actress Juliette Lewis.
Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge began her music career as something of a child prodigy. By the time she was ten she had already learned guitar and begun writing her own songs. At the age of 12 she was already playing in a country band that gigged around the local Leavenworth, Kansas club circuit. So it wasn't much of a surprise when she was accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and just after graduating high school in 1979, she headed for Boston.

But like so many well-known Berklee students, she found that her calling to play music was stronger than her interest in studying it. After a year, she dropped out and spent some time building up her chops in the lively Boston music scene. In 1982 she decided to make a go of it in Los Angeles and headed west.

In L.A. she built a reputation as a gutsy blues artist and was soon gigging steadily. She recorded an impressive demo of original material that caught the ear of her future manager Bill Leopold and was soon the house performer at the Executive Suite in Long Beach. This situation led to major label interest, and after a bidding war among such heavies as Warner Brothers, Capitol, EMI and A&M;, Island emerged victorious.

Etheridge's self-titled debut was released in 1988, and garnered critical praise as well as commercial success, achieving gold sales figures largely thanks to the hit single "Bring Me Some Water." In 1989, Brave and Crazy was issued and it kept the momentum of Etheridge's music flowing, with another gold certification. After a near-three year break, the more adventurous Never Enough appeared, and "Ain't It Heavy" earned Etheridge her first Grammy award for Best Female Rock Performance.

The big breakthrough, however, came in 1993 with Etheridge's fourth album. She decided to end years of speculation about her sexual orientation by titling the collection Yes I Am. The record went on to sell over six million copies in a one-year period and earned Etheridge another Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocalist.

For the rest of the decade Etheridge continued to release albums that found her evolving as a performer and writer, though none of them matched the massive commercial success of Yes I Am. Having gone public regarding her sexuality, she became a strong advocate of gay rights, and earned various musical honors. In the latter half of the '90s Etheridge's domestic partner Julie Cypher joined her in the spotlight as they celebrated the birth of their two children and revealed that the bio-dad who helped them via artificial insemination was David Crosby.

In 2000 Etheridge and Cypher broke up after a decade together. A year later, Etheridge's revealing autobiography The Truth Is: My Life In Love And Music was published, and fall 2002 saw the release of Etheridge's first concert DVD Melissa Etheridge Live... And Alone.
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