Mon September 2nd, 2002
Mon June 29th, 1998
Mon November 25th, 1996
Live At the Roxy (1998)
White Light White Heat White Trash (1996)
Mainliner (Wreckage Of The Past) (1995)
Prison Bound (1995)
Mommy's Little Monster (1995)
Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell (1992)
Mike Ness (1979-Present), vocals/guitar
Dennis Danell (1979-2000), guitar
John Maurer (1988-Present), bass
Charlie Quintana (2000-Present), drums
Jonny "2 Bags" Wickersham (2000-Present), guitar
Social Distortion was one of the three bands (along with L.A.'s Youth Brigade and Washington DC's Minor Threat) featured in a 1983 punk rockumentary called Another State of Mind.
Social Distortion
Formed in 1978, Social Distortion sprang out of Los Angeles's thriving '70s punk scene, and like contemporaries such as X crafted punk rock that reflected a penchant for American roots music.

The original line-up assembled by Mike Ness included drummer Casey Rover and brothers Frank and Rikk Agnew (bass and guitar, respectively). Eventually the Agnews left to join the Adolescents, and Dennis Danell signed on to take over bass duty. It wasn't until about 1984 that the line-up solidified. Until then a bevy of players joined
Ness and Danell.

Social Distortion eventually attracted the attention of Robbie Fields, a local music entrepreneur who had begun releasing singles and albums by promising suburban punk outfits he found playing small clubs and house parties in LA and OC. Social Distortion's first single, "Mainliner/Playpen" came out on Fields's Posh Boy label in 1981. Two years later the band's debut album, Mommy's Little Monster was released by 13th Floor Records.

By the beginning of 1984, the line-up more or less solidified with Ness and Danell (now on rhythm guitar) plus an old school friend, John Maurer on bass and Christopher Reece on drums. The next few years would be rough and tumble. Ness, having already established a long history of substance abuse problems in addition to antipathy toward authority figures, would grapple with a series of hospitalizations and incarcerations. Between these misadventures the band managed to tour regionally but by 1985, Ness opted to temporarily put the band on hold in order to enter a drug rehab program.

Three years later Social Distortion was back in action with Prison Bound, an album strengthened by the emotional resonance of all the demon-wrestling Ness had survived. In 1990, Social Distortion made its major label debut with a self-titled album on Epic Records.

The '90s saw Social Distortion recording sporadically and touring heavily - Ness recorded a couple of solo efforts and the band became one of the highlights of the 1997 Vans Warped Tour.

In February of 2000, Danell died suddenly of natural causes an aneurysm. Later that year Jonny "2 Bags" Wickersham signed on to take Danell's spot and drummer Charlie Quintana replaced Chuck Biscuits (formerly of Black Flag, Circle Jerks and Danzig).
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