Mon February 18th, 2002
Sickness (2000)
Mike Wengren, drums
Fuzz, bass
Dan Donegan, guitar
David Draiman (1997-Present), vocals
Some Disturbed fans might have been surprised to find a cover of the song "Shout" on the band's debut album. As it was originally performed by the '80s synth-pop duo Tears For Fears, the tune bears little resemblance to the gnarly Disturbed rendition. But this revamped rendering is perhaps closer in spirit to the roots of the song. Tears For Fears derived its name from the theories of psychotherapist Arthur Janov, whose 1970 book The Primal Scream made quite a splash in psychological circles.

Janov's primal scream theories evolved out of a therapy session he had one day with a patient who responded to some early childhood memory with a blood-curdling, primal scream. Janov interpreted this as the subject's latter-day response -- a kind of long-delayed reaction -- to some early life trauma that he had been unable to react to at the time. So, while Tears For Fears made many thematic and lyrical references to primal scream therapy throughout its recordings, Disturbed's music more effectively embodies the concept.
Disturbed frontman David Draiman is the latest in a long line of dynamic frontmen driven in part by a vehement relationship with religion. As with such celebrated malcontents as John Lydon and Marilyn Manson, Draiman grew up in a religious household that inspired drastic acts of rebellion.

By the time he found his calling with Disturbed, he had been expelled from five different boarding schools. The rest of the band members had been friends for some time before forming the band and becoming a fixture in the Chicago club circuit. With Draiman in place the picture was complete. A demo led to a deal with Giant Records which issued Disturbed's debut, The Sickness in the spring of 2000. A slot on the Ozzfest second stage the following year helped the group build momentum and a greater fan base.
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