Nigel Tufnel unleashes one of his signature solos. (photo Paul Natkin)  David St. Hubbins emotes fiercely. (photo Paul Natkin)   
Mike? There's no Mike here. (photo Paul Natkin)  The movie that started it all. 
Wed August 30th, 2000
Mon March 23rd, 1992
Mon April 22nd, 1985
Break Like the Wind (1992)
This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
Smell the Glove (1982)
Shark Sandwich (1980)
Rock And Roll Creation (1977)
Bent For Rent (1976)
David St. Hubbins (1967-Present), vocals/guitar
Nigel Tufnel (1967-Present), guitar/vocals
Derek Smalls (1967-Present), bass
Spinal Tap
10-07 - Henry Rollins and Queens of the Stone Age  more>
10-14 - Taproot  more>

10-02 - Sammy Hagar  more>
09-30 - Stone Sour and Theory of a Dead Man  more>