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Vapor Transmission (2000)
Candyass (1998)
Jay Gordon (1997-Present), Vocals
Ryan Shuck (1997-Present), guitar
Amir Derakh (1997-Present), guitar synth
Paige Haley (1997-Present), bass
Bobby Hewitt (1997-Present), drums
Orgy certainly selected the title of its debut album, Candyass, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, flaunting the term's disparaging definition of "a weak, hesitant, or ineffectual person; wimp; sissy." But despite its drab, denigrating function, the word "candyass," according to New York Times columnist William Safire has a rather colorful history.

It was first printed in the New York Times as part of the transcription of the Watergate tapes. Former president Richard Nixon used it to dis' a recalcitrant colleague. The paper was reluctant to print the word -- after all the New York Times is the newspaper of record and the editors of such esteemed publications have to weigh words with great care lest they give creedence to unworthy slang.
When Orgy made its debut in 1998, the Los Angeles outfit seemed to appear out of nowhere. Unlike many rock success stories in the '90s, the quintet hadn't spent years in the trenches, slogging it out in hole-in-the-wall bars and truck stops, selling a slew of home-recorded tapes from the back of a road worn van. Jay Gordon, Amir Derakh, Ryan Shuck, Paige Haley and Bobby Hewitt formed Orgy, recorded a four-song demo, signed with Warner Bros., recorded a glitzy, grinding (and eventually platinum) debut album (1998's Candyass) and hit the road with the Family Values tour. However, appearances can be misleading.

The five musicians in Orgy had actually spent years in and around the Los Angeles rock scene playing and collaborating with a host of bands. Drummer Hewitt played in a funk rock outfit called the Electric Love Hogs, synth-guitarist Derakh had a stint in the '80s as a hair metal dude with Rough Cutt -- later he and singer Gordon produced Coal Chamber's debut album. Guitarist Shuck played in Sex Art, the band that Jonathan Davis fronted prior to Korn and in fact co-wrote 'Blind' with Davis.

Vestiges of the collective resume waft around the music Orgy makes, but primarily the music is rooted in the poppy, dirgy, lewdly groovy legacy of bands like the Cure, Duran Duran and even (yes) Dead or Alive. While skeptical critics continued to carp about the band's legitimacy (and the fact that its breakthrough single was a cover of the New Order gem 'Blue Monday'), Orgy managed to strike a chord with young music fans yearning to put on some glam rags and have fun.
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