Mon March 4th, 2002
Mon October 5th, 1998
Mon December 16th, 1996
Here Comes The Zoo (2002)
Pack Up The Cats (1998)
As Good As Dead (1996)
Ham Fisted (1995)
Scott Lucas (1987-Present), vocals/guitar
Joe Daniels (1987-2000), drummer
Brian St. Clair (2000-Present), drummer
Local H made its recording debut at the height of the Riot Grrrl movement – a kind of punk rock manifestation of hard-core feminism. One of the most prominent personalities at the forefront of the movement was Kathleen Hanna who fronted the band Bikini Kill. Scott Lucas wrote a tribute to her called “Grrrlfriend,” which appeared on Local H’s first album, Ham Fisted. The lyric is a wry, romantic ode to the persistence of love…

“I'm in love with a riot grrrl --
I'm a boy and I know that that's bad,
But I don't see what's got her so mad.
Now I'm not dumb,
I've got my eyes tied on --
I've seen her 'zine and I think it's right on.
Now I don't care if she makes me be quiet,
I'm in love and I think it's a riot…”
Local H
Like most bands, Local H began with your basic bass-drums-guitar-vocals line-up. Unlike most bands, as it dwindled from a quartet to a trio and finally a duo, singer/guitarist Scott Lucas and drummer Joe Daniels (buddies since their days at Zion-Benton Township High School in Zion, Illinois) decided to forego replacements.

Thanks to Lucas's inventive approach to playing (modifications included the creative use of an octave splitter as well as the addition of a bass pickup), the singer/guitarist managed to expand the range of his Stratocaster to cover both bass and guitar. But Local H had much more going for it than simply a novelty line-up.

The band’s debut album, Ham Fisted showed off sharp song writing skills and a charismatic sense of humor, though the overall sound was too close to Nirvana for the likes of some critics who accused the duo of derivative leanings. Local H’s sophomore effort dispelled many of those criticisms. Tracks like “Bound for the Floor” (with its deft lyrical juxtaposition of “copasetic” and “pathetic”) and “Eddie Vedder” earned Local H decent airplay on rock radio stations around the country.

Unfortunately, the band’s momentum took a blow in the flurry of record industry consolidations that rattled the rock world in the late ’90s. Despite a strong follow-up album, Pack Up the Cats, issued just two years after As Good As Dead, the release was more or less lost in the business shuffle that ensued when Local H’s label, Island, was absorbed by Universal Music. In the wake of the shake up the band took a three-year break from recording. During that time, Daniels opted to move on and former Triple Fast Action drummer Brian St. Clair took his place. 2002 found Local H ready to pick up steam once more with Here Comes the Zoo.
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