Jackson Browne 
Wed October 16th, 2002
Mon November 29th, 1993
Mon May 29th, 1989
Mon January 5th, 1987
Mon March 3rd, 1986
The Naked Ride Home (2002)
The Next Voice You Hear: The Best of Jackson Brown (1997)
Looking East (1996)
I'm Alive (1993)
For Everyman (1990)
World In Motion (1989)
Jackson Browne (1948-Present), vocals/guitar
Over the course of his career Jackson Browne has remained committed to social activism. Among the organizations he has supported are:

Christic Institute


Amnesty International
Jackson Browne
Though Jackson Browne is a well-established solo artist in his own right, he has in the past performed with such celebrated folk-rock practitioners as the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Tim Buckley, Nico and Joan Baez, and written songs for an equally impressive array of artists including the Byrds, Linda Ronstandt, the Eagles, Tom Rush and Bonnie Raitt.

Browne was born in Heidelberg, Germany to an American serviceman and his wife. The family relocated to Los Angeles when Browne was still a child, and by the time he reached his late teens, he had picked up guitar and played in an early version of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. In the late '60s he headed east for Greenwich Village where he had the opportunity to play back up for Tim Buckley and Nico. Before long his songwriting talents attracted the attention of artists ranging from the Byrds to Joni Mitchell.

Browne signed with Asylum Records, which released his self-titled debut in 1972. "Doctor My Eyes" became a top ten hit; Browne enjoyed a top twenty hit via the Eagles, whose first hit, "Take It Easy," was penned by Browne. With each succeeding album, Browne's popularity grew.

The Pretender was Browne's first platinum album, though that achievement, like the songs on it, was tempered by Browne's grief over the suicide of his first wife Phyllis.

With 1983's Lawyers In Love Browne's music took a turn toward social concerns and political awareness, and he continues to support various social causes and tour internationally.
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