Mon December 17th, 2001
Hoobastank (2001)
Chris Hesse, drums
Dan Estrin (1994-Present), guitar
Douglas Robb (1994-Present), vocals
Markku Lappalainen (1994-Present), bass
Hoobastank borrowed its name from bassist Markku Lappalainen -- it's actually his middle name. The Finnish language is very unusual. Unlike most of the languages spoken in Europe today, it is not rooted in Indo-European. Finnish and Hungarian are believed to have come from a common linguistic source in Central Asia. For some help putting some finnishing touches on your pronunciation of Markku's moniker, check out this link.
Dan Estrin, Douglas Robb, Markku Lappalainen and Chris Hesse had been playing music together for four years (three in the case of Hesse) before they made their first foray into the recording studio. The fruit of their labor was the self-produced 1998 indie debut They Sure Don’t Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To.

The quartet spent the next few years taking its engagingly eclectic blend of rock, pop, funk and ska to fans throughout Southern California. Hoobastank’s quirkily titled debut album circulated even further, and the band struck a chord with fans as far away as South America and Europe.

It was just a matter of time before the big league talent scouts came calling, and in fall of 2001, Hoobastank made its major label debut with a self-titled album that drew favorable responses from fans and critics alike.
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