Mon September 17th, 2001
Mon February 28th, 2000
Satellite (2001)
Fundamental Elements of Southtown (1999)
Warriors EP (1999)
Live (1997)
Brown (1997)
Snuff The Punk (1993)
Sonny Sandoval (1992-Present), vocals
Marcos Curiel (1992-Present), guitars
Mark “Traa” Daniels (1992-Present), bass
Noah “Wuv” Bernardo (1992-Present), drums
There’s nothing new about musicians meshing the driving force of rock’n’roll with the power of God. Many pioneering rockers had direct ties to the Church. Little Richard (an ordained minister) has often wavered between the profane world of pop and the sacred calling of the Church. Jerry Lee Lewis is Jimmy Swaggart’s cousin.

Soul and R’n’B music is full of singing clergy who infuse the secular with the spiritual. And though many people don’t realize it, reggae music (a heavy influence on P.O.D. frontman Sonny Sandoval) is rooted in the Rastafarian faith, which draws heavily on the Old Testament. Rastafarians believe in the divinity of Haile Selassie I, former emperor of Ethiopia, and took their name from his pre-coronation name Ras, or Prince, Tafari. Rastafarians believe that blacks are the reincarnated Israelites of the Old Testament.
If P.O.D. doesn’t come across like a Christian rock band, it’s because the San Diego, CA quartet isn’t a Christian rock band. It’s a band of rock musicians who happen to be Christians, and they were into rock’n’roll before they were into Jesus.

With the exception of bassist Traa, who relocated to San Diego from Cleveland, Ohio, the guys in P.O.D. started life on the mean streets of south San Diego (or Southtown). Wuv and cousin Sonny came to embrace Christianity through family experiences: Wuv’s father decided to free himself from drugs and pull his family together after attending a Christian rock concert, while Sonny found strength in God when dealing with his mother’s cancer and eventual death. Though perhaps less dramatic Marcos and Traa's paths to God were no less devout. But what brought the band together in 1992 was a mutual love of rock.

When Marcos and Wuv first got together and discovered they shared an enthusiastic appreciation of thrash metal masters Slayer and Metallica. Sonny and Traa eventually signed on and the combo was complete - personality-wise and musically. The band gigged tirelessly around the San Diego area, seizing any opportunity that came their way, whether it meant playing garages, basements, beach parties.

Wuv’s father provided financial backing for three independent albums – Snuffing the Punk, Brown and Live – and by 1998 P.O.D. signed with Atlantic. Its compelling major label debut, The Fundamental Elements of Southtown hit the streets the following year.

Staying true to their roots the guys supported the release by touring tirelessly - from small headlining tours to bigger multi-act festivals, ultimately Ozzfest 2000. P.O.D. made its first Rockline appearance shortly after the release of its highly-anticipated follow up to Southtown, Satellite.
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