Mon October 3rd, 1983
Nova's Dream (1997)
Portrait of Aldo Nova (1992)
Blood On the Tracks (1991)
Twitch (1985)
Subject: Aldo Nova (1983)
Fantasy (1982)
Aldo Nova, multi-instrumentalist
Aldo Nova
Multi-instrumentalist/producer Aldo Nova enjoyed a gust of popularity in the early to mid '80s. He recorded three albums that are textbook examples of '80s excess manifested in pop rock: dense arrangements, carefully calculated hooks, blustery production and melodramatic power ballads. His self-titled debut yielded "Fantasy," his biggest hit and an early MTV smash video. By the end of the decade, though, power pop rock was on the wane and Nova retreated to the studio where he delved more heavily into production, working with artists such as Blue Oyster Cult and Michael Bolton in the less sensitive, faux-rocker phase of his career. Later, Nova had a brief flirtation with the spotlight again when he contributed guitar and keyboards to Jon Bon Jovi's 1991 soundtrack recording for Young Guns II, Blaze of Glory. Shortly afterward, Bon Jovi signed Nova to his Jambco label which issued his fourth album Blood On the Bricks. The album, however, went nowhere and Nova returned to his production and session work, notably recording and touring with fellow Canadian, Celine Dion.
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