Phil Lipscomb, Stephen Richards, Jarod Montague, Mike DeWolf 
Mon October 14th, 2002
Welcome (2002)
Gift (2000)
mentobe EP (1998)
...Something More Than Nothing (1998)
Stephen Richards (1997-Present), vocals
Michael DeWolf (1997-Present), guitar
Philip Lipscomb (1997-Present), bass
Jarrod Montague (1997-Present), drums
The Webster's definition of "taproot" is "a primary root that grows veritcally downward and gives off small lateral roots" and "the central element or position in a line of growth or development." Both are apropos of Taproot's music, though frontman Stephen Richards also chose the name because it also means the soul/spirit in the traditional earth medicine of native peoples.
Taproot formed in 1997 when childhood friends Stephen Richards and Michael DeWolf joined forces with University of Michigan students Philip Lipscomb and Jarrod Montague. Dedicated to making music that hits hard without being too ham fisted, the band began to cultivate its edgy, expressive sound.

After gigging in and about the Michigan club circuit, Taproot began generating a local buzz which the musicians augmented by establishing an official web site in spring of 1998. The time had come to commit some songs to disc, and before the end of the year Taproot self-released Something More Than Nothing, an album the band recorded, produced and distributed on its own. With sales in excess of 3000 copies, an encore was on order and before the year was out, a five-song EP, Mentobe followed.

With a solid grassroots foundation and compelling music, it wasn't long before label scouts started courting Taproot. Among the A&R; reps investigating the band was infamous Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. Though the band ultimately elected to sign with Atlantic Records, Durst's parting shot (a nasty answering machine message that gained some notoriety when it later circulated on the internet) on behalf of Interscope gave Taproot a flashy dose of publicity at the start of its major label tenure.

Taproot's Velvet Hammer/Atlantic debut, Gift was issued in 2000 and followed by a flurry of touring. In 2002, the band released its follow-up, Welcome.
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