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Wed December 4th, 2002
Different Stages:The Best of Glenn Hughes (2002)
Building the Machine (2001)
Return of Crystal Karma (2000)
Feel/Addiction (2000)
Feel (2000)
The Way It Is (1999)
Glenn Hughes, bass/vocals
The KLF single "America: What Time Is Love?" was a recombobulation of "What Time Is Love?" a 1990 release that was the first part of a singles trilogy. The second part "3 A.M. Eternal" was released in January 1991, and the final installment, "Last Train To Trancentral" in the spring of that year. The collaboration between Hughes and one of Britain's craftiest and most notorious post-punk pop revolutionaries may seem surprising, but the KLF topped it in 1992 with "Justified and Ancient" on which the band joined forces with country star Tammy Wynette.
Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple)
Before Glenn Hughes made his claim to fame as bassist for Deep Purple (from 1974 until the band dissolved in 1976) he was part of the English Hard rock outfit Trapeze. After his Deep Purple tenure he reconvened Trapeze, but that group never recorded again. He then embarked on an unusual, far-flung musical odyssey. First he teamed up with guitarist Pat Thrall to release an album (under the name Hughes/Thrall) in 1983. Two years later he resurfaced as part of the supergroup Phenomena. Then he briefly fronted Black Sabbath for its 1986 album The Seventh Star. He then disappeared for the remainder of the decade (later revealing his struggles with substance abuse during this time on the 1997 album Addiction). When Hughes returned to music it was, astonishingly, as part of the exuberantly anti-establishment electronic group the KLF, performing on a 1991 single titled "America: What Time Is Love?" Hughes collaborated with a gaggle of guitarists (including Mick Mars) and Tony Franklin for the 1993 album Blues, which he recorded in response to fan requests for a blues collection. Since then, Hughes has released a steady stream of solo works as well as collaborations with Joe Lynn Turner (Fandango, Rainbow, Heaven, Yngwie Malmsteen).
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