In a word,   The Donnas! Live! 
Mon December 9th, 2002
Spend the Night (2002)
The Donnas Turn 21 (2001)
Get Skintight (1999)
American Teenage Rock'n'Roll Machine (1998)
The Donnas (1998)
Brett "Donna A." Anderson (1992-Present), vocals
Allison "Donna R." Robertson (1992-Present), guitar
Maya "Donna F." Ford (1992-Present), bass
Torry "Donna C." Castellano (1992-Present), drums
In 1999, the Donnas recorded a cover of "Strutter," their contribution to the soundtrack for the KISS homage movie, Detroit Rock City. About a month after the soundtrack hit record stores, Lookout! Records released a very limited edition, split single on clear vinyl. One side featured the Donnas' KISS cover; the other featured KISS itself cranking out a revamped version of "Detroit Rock City." Only 5000 copies were pressed.
The Donnas
In the grand punk pop tradition of the Ramones, the Donnas set out on their rock'n'roll quest while they were still eighth grade students in Palo Alto, California. After a couple name changes (they started out as Ragady Anne, then became the Electrocutes before they made a name for themselves as the Donnas) they released a trio of singles and a self-titled album for Superteem Records. The quartet then parted ways with Superteem leader Darren Rafaelli and found a happy home on Lookout! Records which released the group's second album, American Teenage Rock'n'Roll Machine in 1998. After two more full-lengths on the Bay Area indie, the Donnas moved on to Atlantic Records and made their major label debut in October of 2002 with Spend the Night.
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