Mon March 18th, 2002
Superkala (2002)
Mark Wilkerson (2001-Present), vocals/guitar
John “Fish” Milldrum (2001-Present), guitar
Cliff Hendricks (2001-Present), bass
Rickey Shelton (2001-Present), drums
One of Course of Nature’s first gigs was the annual Peanut Festival in Dothan, Alabama, just outside of Enterprise.
Course of Nature
Despite the fact that any bonafide music scenes were at least a hundred miles away from its home town of Enterprise, Alabama, Course of Nature managed to break out of the outback of the Southeast to sign with Atlantic Records in October of 2001.

The group first formed a year earlier as Cog, and in March of 2001 self-released a debut album titled No Time At All. After running into ownership issues over the band name, Cog decided to rechristen itself as Course of Nature, the title of a track on its debut. But just when the musicians had settled on a new name, a flurry of personnel shifts and changes took place.

By the summer of 2001, the line-up had settled a bit: main songwriters Mark Wilkerson and John “Fish” Milldrum (who had played both guitar and bass in Cog) plus drummer Rickey Shelton (formerly of Dust For Life). Later that year (after Course of Nature had signed its Atlantic deal and recorded its major label debut Superkala) Milldrum relinquished bass duties to Cliff Hendricks. February of 2002 saw the release of Superkala.
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