Mon January 4th, 1993
Mon October 22nd, 1990
Mon March 19th, 1990
Essentials (Remastered) (2002)
Damn Yankees (1990)
Michael Cartellone (1989-1992), drums
Jack Blades (1989-1992), bass/vocals
Tommy Shaw (1989-1992), vocals
Ted Nugent (1989-1992), guitar
Though Broadway musicals aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades, Damn Yankees shares its name with one of the most successful musicals to hit the Great White Way. Damn Yankees (written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross) is the story of a baseball fan who, in the depths of despair because his favorite team, the Washington Senators, just can’t win, sells his soul to the devil (played in a 1997 production by Jerry Lewis) for the sake of his team. The devil gives him his wish—he is transformed into a hotshot baseball player whose talents help send the Senators to the pennant race.
Damn Yankees
Despite its hard rock pedigree — the combined forces of Ted Nugent, Styx frontman Tommy Shaw and Night Ranger’s Jack Blades—when Damn Yankees made its first foray shopping for a label deal in 1988, it was rejected by every major for which it auditioned. Eventually it found a home on the Warner Brothers roster, and, fueled by the hit single "High Enough" the band’s self-titled 1990 debut shot to number 13 and promptly went platinum. As promising a start as this was, it proved to be the band’s first, last and only album. Nugent left and went on to fame/infamy in his solo career. Shaw and Blades collaborated on one subsequent album, 1995’s Hallucination.
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