Camping ME
Millennium Edition


  • Get on I35, and go north for 88 miles
  • Once in Oklahoma take 'Exit 24'.
  • Turn right on to Route 77s, and head east for two miles.
  • Just before the convenience store you will have to turn right to stay on 77s
  • Follow 77s for several miles, once you drive through the spillway, you will be close.
  • After the spillway you will drive across an earthen damn. At the end of the damn you will pass a picnic area.
  • Once passed the picnic area, you will turn left on the first dirt road.
  • Follow dirt road until you see the gas well, about 1/4 to 1/2 mile.
  • Turn right just before the gas well (if you honk we will come get you).
  • Drive forward 200-300 yards (road curves to the right) and look for cars of to the left, down a long drive way.

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