Streamlink Customer Service

Having trouble with Audio Streaming, or billing problems with your Streamlink account? All the help you need is right here.
For Streaming Technical Problems:
These links are for technical help only with streaming. For billing and account problems, please see the next heading.
  1. For immediate online help, click here to access our Knowledge Base of common problems and solutions.
  1. For email help within 1 business day, please email us by clicking here. Make sure you include all the information we need to help solve your problem.
  1. For telephone help, please leave a voicemail at (818) 461-8091. These voicemails are answered within one business day.
For Help with your Streamlink Account:
These links are for account help only. For technical problems, please see the previous heading.
  1. Click here to recover a lost user name or password.
  1. Click here to change your user name, password, credit card, address, or other account information.
  1. Click here to cancel your Streamlink account at the end of the current billing cycle.
  1. Click here for other issues not handled here, and you will receive a response within one business day.


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