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Peter Frampton
  Wind Of Change (1972) (A&M;)
  Frampton's Camel (1973) (A&M;)
  Frampton (1974) (A&M;)
  Somethin's Happening (1974) (A&M;)
  Frampton Comes Alive (1976) (A&M;)
  I'm In You (1977) (A&M;)
  Greatest Hits (1996) (A&M;)
  Shine On: A Collection (1998) (A&M;)
  Shows the Way (1998) (Polygram)
  The Very Best of Peter Frampton (1998) (A&M;)
  Coming Alive (1999) (Griffin Music/GOPACO)
  Extended Versions (2000) (BMG Special Products)
  Live In Detroit (2000) (CMC International)
  Peter Frampton (2000) (Legacy/Columbia)
  Anthology: The History of Peter Frampton (2001) (A&M;)
  Frampton Comes Alive! 25th Anniversary (2001) (A&M;)
  Universal Masters Collection (2001) (Polygram International)
  Extended Versions (2002) (BMG Special Products)
  Show Me the Way: Best of Peter Frampton (2002) (Generic)
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