Rick Wakeman
  The Six Wives of Henry the VIII (1990) (A&M;)
  Journey To the Center of the Earth (1990) (A&M;)
  Myth & Legends of King Arthur & Knights of Round.. (1988) (A&M;)
  1984 (1999) (Griffin Music/GOPACO)
  Classic Tracks (1993) (Blueprint)
  Greatest Hits (1994) (Herald/Caroline)
  King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Rick Wakeman (1996) (King Biscuit Flower Hour)
  Return To the Centre of the Earth (1999) (EMI/Angel)
  The Masters (1999) (Purple Pyramid/Cleopatra)
  Selections From Journey To the Centre of the Earth (1999) (Griffin Music/GOPACO)
  Stella Bianca (2000) (Purple Pyramid/Cleopatra)
  Recollections: The Very Best of Rick Wakeman (2000) (A&M;)
  The Caped Collection (2000) (Recall (UK))
  The Word And Music (2001) (Blueprint)
  Tales of Future And Past (2001) (Purple Pyramid/Cleopatra)
  Songs of the Middle Earth: A Tribute... (2002) (BMG Special Products)
  Zodiaque (Rick Wakeman/Tony Fernandez) (1991) (Virgin)
  2000 A.D. Into the Future (1991) (PRES (import))
  Silent Nights (1992) (PRES (import))
  Aspirant Sunset (1993) (PRES (import))
  Crimes of Passion (1993) (PRES (import))
  African Bach (1993) (PRES (import))
  Private Collection (1994) (PRES (import))
  Soft Sword (King John & The Magna Charte) (1994) (PRES (import))
  Sea Airs (1994) (PRES (import))
  Seven Wonders of the World (1995) (PRES (import))
  Time Machine (1996) (PRES (import))
  Tapestries (Rick Wakeman, Adam Wakeman) (1996) (Pickwick (import))
  Aspirant Sunshadows (1996) (PRES (import))
  Aspirant Sunrise (1996) (Unknown)
  Voyage: Best of Rick Wakeman (1996) (Polygram)
  Themes (1997) (PRES (import))
  Best of Live (1998) (DISKY)
  Rock N Roll Prophet Plus (1998) (Pickwick (import))
  Natural World Trilogy (1999) (MFA (import))
  White Rock II (1999) (MFA (import))
  Art In Music Trilogy (1999) (MFA (import))
  Fields of Green (1999) (Griffin Music/GOPACO)
  Live (2000) (EMI/Capitol Special Products)
  Orisons (2001) (Hope (import))
  Can You Hear Me (2001) (Hope (import))
  Word And Music (2001) (Hope (import))
  Journey To the Centre of the Earth (2002) (Classic Pictures)
  Live In Buenos Aires (w/the English Rock Ensemble) (2002) (Classic Pictures)
  The Legend Live In Concert 2000 (2002) (Classic Pictures)
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