Talk to a Beatle! This Friday, October 25, starting at 3:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, Rockline will be taping Sir Paul Mc Cartney for a special edition of Rockline to air in November. For a rare opportunity to speak with Paul Mc Cartney, simply call Rockline at 1-800-344-ROCK. That's 1-800-344-7625. Call this Friday at 3:30 PM Pacific Standard Time for a chance to chat with Paul McCartney! Phone lines will be open for approx 2 hours.

Ted Nugent
  Noble Savage (2001) (Spitfire)
  Full Bluntal Nugity (2001) (Spitfire)
  On The Edge/Over The Top (2000) (Thunderbolt UK)
  3 Pak: Ted Nugent / Cat Scratch / Free-For-All (1999) (Sony)
  Super Hits (1998) (Sony)
  Live At Hammersmith '79 (1997) (Sony)
  Over The Top (1996) (Thunderbolt UK)
  Motor City Madness (1996) (Sony Music Special Products)
  Spirit Of The Wild (1995) (Atlantic)
  Out Of Control (1993) (Sony)
  If You Can't Lick Em Lick ’Em (1988) (Atlantic)
  Little Miss Dangerous (Master Series) (1986) (Atlantic)
  Penetrator (1984) (Atlantic)
  Nugent (1982) (Atlantic)
  Intensities In Ten Cities (1981) (Sony)
  Great Gonzos: Best Of Ted Nugent (1981) (Sony Legacy)
  Scream Dream (1980) (Sony)
  State Of Shock (1979) (Sony)
  Weekend Warriors (1978) (Sony)
  Double Live Gonzo (1978) (Sony)
  Cat Scratch Fever (1977) (Sony)
  Free-For-All (1976) (Sony)
  Ted Nugent (1975) (Sony)
  Tooth, Fang & Claw (1974) (Planet 3)
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