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Monday July 12, 2010

Remember Who You Are

It’s been three years since there was a good Korn harvest. “Untitled” from 2007 seems like it was released ages ago. The new album, “Korn III: Remember Who You Are”, will bust out the old cliché that it was worth the wait, because it was. The band has made some changes in how they have recorded this album with the heavy production and layered aspect left behind and replaced by a more minimalist approach. No worries though, it’s still the Korn we’ve come to love over the years, in fact, the songs stand more on their own than ever before and the overall result is refreshing, serving as a reminder that the band has always experimented with their technique and ideas, which keeps them vital and relevant. The first single, “Oildale (Leave Me Alone)” actually serves as a good representation of the album. That isn’t always the case. Also of note is that one of rock’s finest drummers, Ray Luzier (Army of Anyone) has been named a full fledged member of the band with “Korn III” being his first recording with them. The core of the group remains the same with Jonathan Davis as the vocalist, lyricist and bagpipe specialist. Munky remains on guitar as does Fieldy, still playing the bass. Munky seems to have really come to grips with being the only guitarist in the band helping take them to their current lofty level. is still their official website as well as their MySpace and they’re on facebook as well. For this upcoming ROCKLINE appearance JD and Munky are slated to join us.

Few bands can lay claim to inventing a genre such as Korn has and even fewer have the longevity and relevance this band has skillfully cultivated. They even brought a management company come to life because of their talents. It’s now sixteen years since their first album was released and somehow they continue to explore new territory, win over new fans, keep the original ones and remain legitimate standard bearers for heavier Rock. Taking some time off from the band with the three principles immersing themselves in side projects seems to have had an invigorating effect. That coupled with their different recording technique has resulted in one of the best Korn albums ever. In fact eschewing the perfection of Pro-Tools has given the band more balls (if you can believe that), helped Jon’s lyrics stand out more and created the feeling that one is listening to a live performance, albeit an extremely polished one. The new album won’t be officially available until the day after our show, but we promise to dive deep and let you hear more than the one radio track which has been out since May 4th.

Join us for a band we have been behind since day one, one we strongly believe in and one of the most original acts around. Case closed. It’s Jonathan and Munky of Korn on the next ROCKLINE!


Wednesday July 14, 2010

Joe Elliott
Down 'n' Outz

If you haven’t kept current with Def Leppard allow us to provide the simplest update possible….they’re on hiatus for an undisclosed period after touring and recording incessantly for over four years. Everybody deserves a break, eh? Well, as you might imagine “break” means different things to different people. In 2009 Mott The Hoople reformed for a week’s worth of shows at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon in London. Being Joe Elliott’s favorite band, along with Ian Hunter, British Lions and all the sundry side projects Ian and the Hoops have been involved in, Joe was asked to participate in some manner. Joe was told the band the Quireboys might be available to do something so he jumped at the chance upon learning they were as excited about it as he was. So, for one of the nights, Joe and the Quireboys played a set as the opening act. This one night affair was extremely well received (we heard the crowd went freakin’ nuts) and very quickly it became obvious that to limit the project to a single evening would be a travesty, so Down ‘N’ Outz was born. The day before our show with Joe their album will be released, for more information go to , their MySpace or onto their facebook page to glean some more information.

Of course, ROCKLINE will be your ultimate information source as we will have Joe himself ready to rock and answer your questions and we’ll have the album in hand as well. We can tell you two quick things about this album. First, this is no greatest hits album, you won’t be hearing cover versions of “All the Young Dudes”, “All the Way from Memphis”,” Sweet Jane” or much of anything that could be construed as overtly familiar. Secondly, you will hear songs from an absolutely fantastic album featuring one of Rock’s most revered vocalists backed by an absolutely smoking band that puts the fun back into music, makes you want to stomp your feet, bang your head and put your hands together. Well, actually one of the songs we intend to play is well known, “England Rocks” which is essentially Ian Hunter’s “Cleveland Rocks” with a slight geographical twist to it. A whole thesaurus of words come into play trying to describe this music from Joe ‘n’ the Boyz, rollicking, joyous, spirited, energetic, contagious, swaggering and, well, you get the picture. This is a fun album and we can’t wait to share it with you. A sidebar to this is that it will shine some light on one of the most underrated bands in history, Mott The Hoople, and one of the most underrated solo artists as well in Ian Hunter. We’ve had Ian join us for his last two solo albums, which if you haven’t picked up a copy you need to do immediately (our favorite is “Shrunken Heads”). But this show is all about Down ‘N’ Outz and here’s your official invitation.

Join us for (another side) of Joe Elliott as he joins us for the next ROCKLINE! You can thank us later, haha.

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