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Which show will we play?
ROCKLINE fans get to choose! Polls coming soon!

Which show will we play?
ROCKLINE fans get to choose! Polls coming soon!

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hosted By Bob Coburn

Monday October 22, 2007

Finding Beauty
in Negative Spaces

Due to the fire emergency in Southern California, tonight's show with Seether is postponed. We will reschedule with the band.

Ain’t love grand? No one will ever accuse current Wind Up Records label mates, and former paramours, Amy Lee and Shaun Morgan of not getting any material to write about each other from their now long aborted relationship. Amy struck first with the scathing, perhaps overly personal, song “Call Me When You’re Sober”, which Shaun is now. Now Seether has a forthcoming release aptly titled “Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces”. We assume the entire album isn’t about the failed relationship, but all will be forgiven if that is what is construed from first listen. Touché. But is it good? Bet the farm on this one. Rife with angst and anger channeled into some absolutely breathtaking songs, the forthcoming release will, no doubt, go down as a career achievement and provide Morgan with some well deserved cathartic release. The band is already on the road in support of the album which drops the day after their appearance on ROCKLINE. Full information is at and

Unfortunately, we at ROCKLINE often hear the statement that there’s no good Rock and Roll any more. BS. There is plenty actually, and the first band that is always on the tip of our tongues is Seether. With the release of the new album that feeling is validated even more. If you have not heard the new CD, we will help remedy that as we will focus only on the new songs. The biggest worry we have is choosing the best ones from an album with no dead spaces or lulls. The band is now formally a trio with the visionary Shaun Morgan leading the way, augmented by fellow South African Dale Stewart and John Humphrey on bass and drums. Our biggest challenge with this album was making it all the way through because we kept playing the songs over and over again, two hours for a 50 minute CD actually isn’t a bad thing when the quality is this good, we figure.

Join us for the journey as we present the national radio premiere, enjoy an acoustic performance and help write the next chapter of one of Rock’s great bands. It’s Seether on the next ROCKLINE!

Wednesday October 24, 2007

Zappa Plays Zappa!
Full Electric Set with
Dweezil Zappa & His Band!

It has been said that as long as the music is played, the music will never die. At ROCKLINE, we try to remember that every day and do our modest part to help keep the dream alive. Dweezil Zappa has taken that concept to an extreme, assembling an unbelievable band to play the music of his father, or Frank as Dweezil refers to him. This is certainly no easy task as the music created by the senior Zappa is as complex and challenging as any ever written. Dweezil realized that and has spent years studying not only the complexities, but the subtleties and nuances that are so generic to the masters’ compositions. Frank Zappa was an uncompromising visionary and each person who had the honor of performing with him increased his or her abilities exponentially. Frank was noted for being clean and sober his entire life, hence retaining his brain cells for that which they were intended, and once uttered the incomparable quote, “Can you imagine me on drugs”. And actually, no we can’t, thank goodness, because the elder Zappa’s creations are unmatched in Rock and Roll, the product of a healthy mind and boundless creativity.

With Dweezil, the cliché about the apple not falling from the tree is more than appropriate in so many ways. The thought of having him perform live in our studio with his band is one we have relished for quite some time and the reality is now imminent. Log on to and get an update on the tour itinerary and then make sure you have tickets in hand should they be in your neighborhood. If they are not, we have the magic elixir with the band being brought directly to you through the magic of radio. Speaking of which, we are not quite sure why radio turned it’s collective back on Frank’s vision long ago. We do know that Frank appeared on ROCKLINE live only once. The invitation was extended several times after that, but was declined each time, mostly out of frustration. We took his single appearance and retooled it into a show called “The Genius of Frank Zappa” several years ago. It remains one of our most talked about programs to this day. Dweezil told us what a privilege it is to play “Frank’s” music and we responded by saying it’s his music now too because he is the one who has kept it alive. We intend to do our part too.

Formats be damned, we are bursting the dam as Zappa Plays Zappa live on the next ROCKLINE. We dare you to listen and let the spirit wash over you.

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