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Monday July 6, 2009

CrueFest II: Godsmack, Theory of a Deadman, Drowning Pool and More!

What a line up, eh? Not just for our show either, but for this crazy, travelling, summer road show and rock and roll extravaganza headed to a city near you. This is a killer roster of bands joining together for the sole purpose of satisfying your hedonistic pleasures. There’s more to it than just this grouping of bands too as for the first time Cruefest will utilize a second stage featuring another extensive collection of artists and then there’s the events headliners whom you just might know…a lil ole R&R band known as Motley Crue. Is there a better hang this summer? Probably not. So, we’ve extended an invitation for a member of Godsmack, Theory and Drowning Pool each to join us on our next show to provide you an opportunity to make direct contact with them and learn about some of the things planned for this summer spectacular of debauchery, depravity and unwarranted misuse of copious amounts of electricity for the unbridled intent of blowing out your eardrums while enjoying the process to your utmost capabilities. Allow us to shoot you some web addresses you might find handy:

The operative phrase is TBD, to be determined, but we feel pretty certain as to who will take part in this show. Currently slated to join us are Shannon Larkin from Godsmack, Tyler Connolly from Theory of a Deadman and C.J. Pierce of Drowning Pool. Of course, you never know who else might decide to make an appearance. Regardless, this is a stellar collection of key members from prominent, major bands for you to listen to, or to speak with should you choose. And the music we have available for play will definitely whet your appetite for more as we select some of the best songs from each band, wantonly taking even more power off the grid as we turn it to eleven. It’s tough out there for all of us right now, making an all encompassing event like this particularly attractive, because in terms of dollars and cents CrueFest II gives you a lot of bang for your buck with two stages, a gaggle of great bands and a party atmosphere with a zillion things to do on a big day out.

Some of the biggest stars from CrueFest II are planning to join us on our next ROCKLINE and you should too!



Wednesday July 8, 2009

Holiday Encore

We're taking our certified, corporate and government approved, official, sanctioned Independence Day holiday a few days late this year and we have a blazing hot concert to share with you in our absence, Foghat recorded live in the famed Rockline studio. This full-show concert is best summed up by a brief story. After it's conclusion one of several guests in attendance asked Roger Earl what the band does on nights when the audience just isn't that into the show. He smiled and said, 'We've never really had that problem'. For those who have been requesting a replay of this show, here ya go. Enjoy!

This date has been penciled in on our calendar for weeks and weeks. Now the time has arrived, the date is etched in stone and we are ready to turn it to eleven and let it rip. Several months ago we welcomed the members of Foghat to our show to celebrate the release of their then new CD “Foghat Live II”. With strong and powerful versions of some of the best boogie-rock songs ever created, that show was full of energy and enthusiasm as long time fans mingled with those who have newly discovered beauty in the simplicity of bass, drums, guitar and vocals. And quite often that guitar has a slide on it, slinking around the strings and recreating the unforgettable sound of the Mississippi Delta crafted by blues greats such as Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon and Elmore James. It has often been said the British took the music of our blues legends, amplified it and returned it to us here in the US with a new slant and viewpoint and a whole lot more electricity. With veteran and original drummer Roger Earl manning the kit, the band has even more of an American sound to it with Bryan Bassett, Craig MacGregor and Charlie Huhn joining the fray. Check out the official website at

As we have done much more recently, we are utilizing the fantastic sound of our home studio with Jimmy Rash and Jamie Sutton controlling the board and twisting the knobs. We will have a band join us for our traditional format of taking calls and playing some music from CD’s and then we invite them back on another date to plug in and play live at full volume. We don’t expect to put too many calls on the air for this one, if any at all, because we offered the mates in the band the full 70 minutes of non-commercial airtime to give us a concert much as one would see live in a club or arena. 70 minutes of Slow Ride, Drivin’ Wheel, I Just Wanna Make Love to You and all those other blues based rock classics the band is known for….Are you kidding me? Turn it up, higher and higher!

Join us for a concert exclusive as Foghat rules the airwaves on our next ROCKLINE!


hosted By Bob Coburn

"Don't Forget the Lyrics"

ROCKLINE is proud to announce that the randomly selected winner of our "Don't Forget the Lyrics" contest is Christopher Kollerer from Fremont, CA, a listener of 107.7 The Bone in San Francisco. Congratulations!

Michael Jackson

All of us at Rockline would like to express our shock and sadness at the sudden passing of one of the most iconic figures in the history of music. Michael Jackson was enigmatic, controversial, brilliantly talented and in the upper echelon of music sharing a stage with perhaps only Sinatra, Elvis and The Beatles. We send our sympathies to the entire Jackson family, Michael's friends and to his many millions of fans worldwide.

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