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Monday September 24, 2007

Foo Fighters

An argument can easily be made that the Foo Fighters are the best Rock band around right now. Discussions such as this understandably unleash passionate responses and ultimately can never be settled, but the Foo’s have merit on one level after another. They have indisputable sales figures; they now have longevity with their first album having been released a dozen years ago, they consistently sell out shows wherever they play, they get invited to the major “event” type of concerts such as Live Earth and have had incredible success at radio. The parade of radio songs continues with their latest single “The Pretender” blasting up both the Active Rock and Alternative charts. But more than anything they make absolutely fantastic music. It’s obvious that all four members in the band took the time to learn to fly long ago and they seem as comfortable in their own skin as anyone gracing a stage in 2007. Comfortable, but definitely not complacent, as evidenced by their brand new CD “Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace”. What an album!

It is our honor to offer the national radio premiere of this new album. While it is available on some Internet sites already there’s a certain validation upon knowing that so many people are listening to the same songs at the same time on the radio and through our website too. Speaking of websites, the addresses for the Foo’s are and The band has played a date or two here and there, but a massive tour schedule is about to be announced. The same night the band joins us on ROCKLINE they will also jet over to the Henry Fonda Theatre at the conclusion of the program for a special album release event. That means for the many times the band has joined us on our show this may be the first time the whole band has been on together. No promises, but it appears that is the way it will go down. National radio premiere, possibly the whole band and as this piece began arguably the best Rock band in the land. This is gonna be a good night.

Join us for the Foo Fighter’s with their brand new CD “Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace” on the next ROCKLINE!

Wednesday September 26, 2007

The Best of ROCKLINE!

Let us begin by saying we had expected all four members of the touring version of Toto to join us live for this broadcast. But sometimes real life intervenes. Unfortunately, drummer Simon Phillips has taken ill and has been hospitalized. Everything concerning the band has been canceled, including their remaining tour dates in the US and quite possibly affecting their South American tour dates as well. Their website is We wish Simon a speedy recovery and hope to have the band join us on a future date.

But the good news is that we have yet another outstanding program for you. Perhaps you are aware that we are located in an absolutely incredible, recording quality studio and as of late have featured some truly memorable live performances. It always comes down to the music and we have a stellar line up of artists that we will feature who have performed live in our facility.

Paul Rodgers was on not long ago and we surprised him with a soundcheck performance from a few years ago as he performed the classic Jimi Hendrix song “Hey Joe” with Trevor Rabin, formerly of Yes, and Journey’s Neal Schon on guitars. Paul had never heard it as it was not actually broadcast on ROCKLINE. He gave it a big thumbs-up, as we are certain you will too. Get the latest on Paul at Also included in the broadcast are two more terrific acoustic performances. One is from Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades and the other is from the recent live set done by Joe Lynn Turner and his friend and guitarist Howie Simon. and will provide the latest for you regarding these highly respected talents. We will also turn on the electricity for you as we revisit blazing, plugged-in sets from Tesla and Queensryche. Both of these shows had jaws dropping and emails pouring in afterward regarding the quality, enthusiasm, and absolute passion and professionalism each band displayed. and will help get you current regarding these great Rock bands.

There may be another surprise or two on this show as well as we present the Best Of ROCKLINE Live!

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