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Which show will we play?
ROCKLINE fans get to choose! Polls coming soon!

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hosted By Bob Coburn

Monday October 29, 2007

Serj Tankian -
New CD: Elect the Dead!

Ninety minutes may not be enough for this show. In fact, upon further evaluation, we are sure of it. An in depth discussion based solely on the first ever solo album by famed System of a Down front man Serj Tankian will be difficult to squeeze into the hour and a half we have, once the songs are added in. That progresses to the question, exactly which ones will we select? The album is electrifying and is virtually all Serj with some help on drums, a dash of bass and an operatic guest appearance. Each song contains the famous tempo changes, scathing yet somehow compassionate and understanding socio-political lyrics and the unmistakable voice at the vanguard of a band that has known only platinum success. Serj has his own custom label, Serjical Strike, most notably enjoying success with the Texas band Fair To Midland, an impending tour with recent ROCKLINE guests the Foo Fighters, his ongoing work with the Axis of Justice and myriad other projects that may not fit into our hour and a half allotment. We can only do so much.

Basic information regarding the new album and just begun tour is available at and We feel certain that Tankian will also have a word, or several, regarding the recent carrot-on-a-stick tease from the US government about finally and formally recognizing the Armenian genocide as reality only to have it yanked back because of political ties to Turkey regarding that little ole war in which we are currently involved. Whilst coming across sometimes as a doomsday town crier (in an oh-so-distinctive voice), Serj insists he is actually an optimist. He just has a vision of reality that some might find a bit skewered compared to the norm in the heartland. But the heart is the wellspring for some of the most amazing music ever created, the dozen songs that grace and challenge on the brand new CD “Elect The Dead” now in stores, on line and soon to be on our show.

Join us for the engaging, enigmatic Serj Tankian on the next ROCKLINE! It will be the fastest 90 minutes in radio. The great shows are usually that way.

Wednesday October 31, 2007

Ozzy Osbourne-
Encore Presentation

How come no one wants Halloween? It is the most difficult day of the year to book except for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Who better for an Encore on this day than Ozzy Osbourne? This was a rare pre-taping that was broadcast on both nights of our show, another rare event. The following is the original text from last spring:

Hopefully, you got the word. We certainly put it out there. With the help of our entire ROCKLINE list of affiliated radio stations, this website and several others, we told the world that to speak with Ozzy Osbourne you needed to call on Friday May 18th. Apparently, many got the memo as we were flooded with calls that night for Ozzy. These rare pre-recorded shows are risky, to say the least. When we are not actually on the air we cannot give out our phone number and encourage you to call. But all involved came through like champs and we had our twentieth successful visit with the Ozzman. That’s correct, this was his 20th appearance on ROCKLINE and now the show will be broadcast on our entire radio station roster this Memorial Day Monday May 28 and Wednesday May 30. Ozzy was in fine form as he fielded each call and regaled us with treasured stories as only he can tell them. Of the myriad remarkable qualities he has, his sense of humor may top the list. Here are some websites for you to sample:

The new album, “Black Rain”, is now available for purchase and contains ten stellar songs ranging in content from the war in Iraq, to greed, to his close interpersonal relationships, and even a song about the methamphetamine scourge that plagues our country. Consistent throughout is Ozzy’s instantly identifiable voice, the trademark guitar of Zakk Wylde and the solid rhythm section of Blasco and the venerable Mike Bordin. It is Ozzy’s first album of all original songs since the release of Down to Earth in 2001 and he definitely has something to say. We pretty much covered it all during his visit, including his TV show on MTV, the “free” Ozzfest tour this year, how the album came together and all the other pertinent stops in between. He’s back, he’s healthy, he’s clean and he sounds fantastic, not only on the new album, but on this show too.

Join us for a true legend and rock icon. It’s Ozzy Osbourne week on ROCKLINE!

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