Mon September 9th, 2002
Mon April 15th, 2002
Burn It Black (2002)
On Injected’s debut album, the guys include a track that’s a tribute to the most reliable chord progression in the rock world, “I-IV-V.” Rock’n’roll is deeply rooted in blues, and the two fundamental compositional elements of blues are the I-IV-V progression and 12-bar blues song structure. In a nutshell, the roman numerals signify intervals in the diatonic scale. There are seven steps in the scale (since the bottom C and the upper C are the same note one octave apart they only count as one), and in the key of C major this is how the intervals correspond: C-I, D-II, E-III, F-IV, G-V, A-VI, B-VII. So, a simple I-IV-V in C major would consist of C, F and G chords. The 12-bar blues structure just refers to the order and number of musical measures dedicated to each chord. Generally, it would run something like I, I, I, I, IV, IV, I, I, V, IV, I, I (or V, if the musician plans to go around for another verse).
When Injected first got started in the early ’90s, the rock world was caught between the grime of grunge and a giddy explosion of punk pop. Future frontman Danny Grady decided to buck both trends and start a metal band. So he called up his old high school buds Steve Slovisky and Chris Wojtal, and the nucleus of Injected took shape. The trio began working on songs, dabbling in demos and playing gigs around Atlanta. Eventually they decided a second guitarist would add more heft to their sound and invited Jade Lemons, whom they’d gotten to know during their forays into the Atlanta music scene, to sign on. With a solid line up, Injected spent a few years getting its bearings and working on being a band, a process that was fairly painless in the relatively low pressure Atlanta scene. Eventually labels began to notice the band, and in the end Island/Def Jam/Universal snapped them up. In 2002 the quartet released its debut album, Burn It Black, a promising mix of metallic energy and strong melodies.
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