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Mon July 23rd, 2001
Wed October 18th, 2000
Wed November 17th, 1999
Mon July 29th, 1991
Mon January 16th, 1989
Mon May 19th, 1986
Mon March 5th, 1984
Mon July 12th, 1982
Anthology (2001)
A Wild-Eyed Christmas Night (2001)
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection (2000)
Encore Collection: Extended Versions (2000)
Live At Sturgis (1999)
Bone Against Steel (1997)
Jack Grondin, drums
Jeff Carlisi, guitar
Steve Brookins (1975-1987), drums
Ken Lyons (1975-1979), bass
Don Barnes (1975-Present), guitar/vocals
Donnie Van Zant (1975-Present), vocals
Larry Jundstrom (1979-Present), bass
Max Carl (1987-1991), drums
Danny Chauncey (1987-Present), guitar
Bobby Capps (1991-Present), keyboards
Scott Hoffman (1991-Present), drums
To those who arenít up on firearm lore, a .38 Special could be anything from an obscure hat size to a delicacy from a diner menu. The band in fact named itself after Smith & Wessonís best known revolver, the classic .38 Military & Police (or Model 10) which was designed to fire the .38 Smith & Wesson Special Cartridge. There are more powerful and more accurate revolvers on the market; the key to this gunís success is its versatility. It has been modified for a wide range of commercial and military uses. The Smith & Wesson Military and Police Revolver was introduced, along with its revolutionary new cartridge, the .38 special, in 1899 and the revolver has been manufactured largely in its current form since 1902. Until the 1980s when semiautomatics grew in popularity this revolver was the standard in most American police departments.
.38 Special
.38 Special was part of the wave of Southern rock bands that flourished in the í70s in the wake of artists like the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and it had a better pedigree than most ó singer Donnie Van Zant's brother was Skynyrd frontman Ronnie Van Zant. Early on, the Jacksonville, FL-based six-piece stuck with basic Southern boogie, but after a couple albums, the group expanded the sound into a more commercially appealing blend of countrified blues-rock and arena rock. Throughout the í80s .38 Special enjoyed a steady stream of chart success including a bevy of singles that remain staples of adult rock radio and Southern rock compilations: "Caught Up in You," "If I'd Been the One," "Back Where You Belong," Like No Other Night." The changing climate of the music scene in the í90s meant less radio play for the band, but .38 Special had built a reputation as a strong live act and it remains a solid concert draw.
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