Pat and her band played an amazing version of   BC interviews his good friend Pat Benatar  Pat and husband Neil Giraldo take phone calls from across the country... 
  BC had a great time with Pat and Neil. Maybe another softball team with Neil again, BC?  Pat Benatar talks to her fans everywhere... 
Neil and Pat are always festive guests. 
Wed April 17th, 2002
Wed June 20th, 2001
Mon July 19th, 1993
Wed September 25th, 1991
Mon April 8th, 1991
Mon February 5th, 1990
Mon August 15th, 1988
Mon January 6th, 1986
Mon November 19th, 1984
Mon November 1st, 1982
Synchronistic Wanderings (1999)
8-15-80 (1998)
Innamorata (1997)
Greatest Hits Live (1997)
Back To Back Hits (1996)
Gravity’s Rainbow (1993)
Pat Benatar (1978-Present), vocals
Neil Giraldo (1978-Present), guitars/keyboards/vocals
When she was 22 years old, Pat began singing professionally in the Manhattan cabaret circuit. Earlier, she had spent her teenage years in vocal training to prep her for her studies at the renowned music conservatory, Julliard.
Pat Benatar
Though she is often overlooked in perennial “women in rock” retrospectives, Pat Benatar was the most successful female rock performer of the ’80s. Over the course of that decade she recorded six platinum albums that produced a dozen Top 40 hits including such manifestoes as the wry and defiant “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” “Treat Me Right,” “Love Is a Battlefield” and “Sex As a Weapon.”

Despite the tough gal/sex kitten image she projected and the turbo-charged hard rock delivery she and the band gave the music, the driving force behind these hits was an arsenal of iron-clad pop hooks -- hardly surprising considering her early forays into the music scene as a cabaret-style crooner a la Babs and Diana Ross. More importantly, unlike many of the pop-rock vixens of the ’80s, Benatar wrote much of her own material.

After a three-year hiatus starting in 1988, Benatar returned with True Love, a collection of blues numbers (new and traditional) in 1991, but the stylistic departure confused old fans and drew critical response that was mixed at best. Gravity’s Rainbow, released two years later, was a return to more familiar turf. Eight years elapsed between that album and Benatar’s next appearance on Rockline with guitarist/husband Neil Giraldo, which coincided with the release of the live DVD Summer Vacation.
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