Mon July 15th, 2002
The Lonely Position of Neutral (2002)
Kevin Palmer, vocals/guitar
Jason Singleton, drums
Josh Moates, bass
James Fukai, guitar
Before TRUSTcompany became the band it is today, Jason Singleton, Kevin Palmer and Josh Moates played as a trio called 41down, a name they copped from a crossword puzzle one night while making flyers for an upcoming show.
Kevin Palmer and Jason Singleton first met as teenagers in their native Montgomery, Alabama. Before long, the dynamic duo’s mutual love of raucous rock evolved into plans to start a band, and by 2000 TRUSTcompany was in business. Palmer took on vocals and guitar while Singleton manned the drums; Josh Moates took on bass duties and, after playing as a trio for a short time, James Fukai signed on to handle guitar.

The enterprising quartet started churning out original songs, and before long had self-released two albums, which was a strong enough track record to convince Washington, DC-based indie label DCide to sign TRUSTcompany. The band wasted no time making the most of its $1000/month allotment of tour support and promptly hit the road.

Eventually the time came to return to the studio, and TRUSTcompany enlisted the aid of guitarist Jeff Blando (Slaughter, Saigon Kick) and drummer Will Hunt (Tommy Lee, Skrape) as producers. Before the resulting album was released, however, TRUSTcompany caught the attention of Geffen Records, which signed the band and took over its DCide contract. The completed demos were given a makeover by producer Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Lit, Eve 6) and master mixer Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, Rage Against the Machine) and became TRUSTcompany’s major label debut, The Lonely Position of Neutral.

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