Mon February 18th, 2002
Mon August 7th, 2000
Machine (2001)
Wisconsin Death Trip (1999)
Wayne Static (1998-Present), vocals
Ken Jay (1998-Present), drums
Koichi Fukada (1998-2000), guitars
Tony Campos (1998-Present), bass
Tripp Eisen (2000-Present), guitars
Although there are undoubtedly many young folk trapped in the suburbs of America's Dairyland today who feel they are living a Wisconsin death trip, the source of Static X's debut album title actually predates post-modern suburban ennui by about a century.

In 1973, author and historian Michael Lesy published a book entitled Wisconsin Death Trip. The book was inspired by a trove of vintage photographs from the 1890s that Lesy came across while researching an obscure west central Wisconsin town called Black River Falls. Every picture, as they say, tells a story and once Lesy began looking into the life stories behind the photos, he uncovered a lexicon of tales from the dark side - bizarre murders, mental illness, supernatural occurrences, infanticide, epidemics, luridly lethal accidents. In short, a host of paranormal phenomena that could give The X-Files a run for its money.

In 2000, director James Marsh made a documentary film based on Lesy's book. It featured music by DJ Shadow and narration by Ian Holm.
Static X
Though Static X calls Los Angeles home, the band's roots are fairly far-flung. Frontman Wayne Static grew up in Shelby, Michigan, and drummer Ken Jay was born in Jamaica, Illinois. The two met after they'd packed up and moved to Chicago in search of a real music scene. Wayne wasted no time and put together a Gothic band called Deep Blue Dream. Ken fell in cahoots with various metal bands and made a living working in a record store with none other than Billy Corgan, whose fledgling band, The Smashing Pumpkins, had not yet been signed and happened to share a practice space with Deep Blue Dream.

Eventually Ken wound up signing on with Wayne's outfit. Dissatisfied with an unstable line-up, an increasingly sludgy music scene and bad weather Wayne and Ken decided to relocate to Los Angeles. In search of a guitarist and bassist to round out the band, the duo posted an ad, and before long Koichi Fukuda, an ax-wielder transplanted from Osaka, Japan, showed up at the rehearsal space and boldly declared that he was their new guitarist. Tony Campos, the only California native in the group took on bass duties and all systems were go.

Drawing heavily on industrial, Gothic and metal influences, Static X set out to create an amalgam of grooves and noise that it calls "rhythmic trancecore." After relentless gigging around Southern California the quartet began to build a following and in 1998 signed with Warner Bros. Records. The compelling music on the band's debut, Wisconsin Death Trip combined with dogged touring resulted in a gold album - but it also precipitated the departure of Koichi, who left the fold so that he could spend more time with his family.

In 2000 former Dope guitarist Tripp Eisen filled the empty guitar slot and the group carried on, recording the follow-up to Death Trip, Machine.
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