Mike and Brandon with MTV Superstar Jack Osbourne    B.C. makes the guys feel at home 
  The Osbourne's Jack Osbourne never stops promoting his new hit show on MTV  Brandon Boyd laughs....but at who? 
  We didn't know he played guitar either! Watch out Mike, he maybe the new guitarist in action.  Singer Brandon Boyd meets an eager fan after the show... 
  INCUBUS: Jose Pasillas, Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, DJ Kilmore, Dirk Lance 
Mon April 1st, 2002
Mon September 25th, 2000
Mon April 17th, 2000
Morning View (2001)
Drive (2000)
Make Yourself (1999)
S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (1997)
Fungus Amongus (1995)
Brandon Boyd (1991-Present), vocals
Mike Einziger (1991-Present), guitars
Alex Katunich (1991-Present), bass
Jose Pasillas (1991-Present), drums
DJ Lyfe (1995-1998), turntables
Chris "DJ" Kilmore (1998-Present), turntables
Originally, an incubus was defined as a kind of demon that visits women while they sleep and has sexual intercourse with them. (Incubi were popular culprits in cases of pregnancy out of wedlock...) But over time it came to also mean a nightmare or something that oppresses or burdens like a nightmare. One of the most famous depictions of an incubus is John Henry Fuseli’s painting, The Nightmare. The female counterpart of an incubus, the succubus, came to men while they slept.
Despite the allure of rocking in the fast lane, Incubus has proven that it’s still possible to win the race at a slow and steady pace. The band formed in 1991 when a bunch of friends at Calabasas High School (on the outer fringe of the San Fernando Valley) decided to take a shot at playing music. Within a year, Incubus was playing the So-Cal all-ages circuit.

In 1995 the line-up solidified with the addition of DJ Lyfe and the band recorded and released its first album, Fungus Amongus. A year later the quintet signed with Immortal Records and in early 1997 a debut EP, Enjoy Incubus had hit the streets. Another year passed before Incubus made its album debut with S.C.I.E.N.C.E..

Though its idiosyncratic mixture of hard rock, funk and progressive rock influences might have seemed a bit too quirky and esoteric for the Family Values crowd, Incubus was nevertheless invited to join the package tour’s 1998 line-up, and the exposure (combined with extensive headlining tours) helped set the scene for the group’s big breakthrough in 1999 with the release of Make Yourself. Though album sales never spiked dramatically, constant touring (including a slot on Ozzfest 2000) and radio support (for the hit “Pardon Me”), Make Yourself eventually went gold.

In response to demands from fans, Incubus re-issued Fungus Amongus as well as an EP of rarities, When Incubus Attacks, Vol. 1.
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